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After much triumph and being on life support since most of the team finished college. We have restructured the team and are in full production of the project! However, this time our team are mostly professional artists, with a new art style and much more mature/developed design. We are very excited to hopefully be able to finally bring you guys this game. As always, open to more contributors, a few gaps we need to fill.

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Attention Programmers and UI Artists,

We are seeking programmers and UI artists to join our team and finish developing Hanako - Feudal Japanese Combat. You must have experience working with UDK/Unrealscript (Scaleform too if you're UI).

About our project
The game started as a college project back in 2007 for UT3 and has since evolved into a full-fledged UDK indie title with a dev team including numerous industry veterans, high-skilled designers and up-and-coming artists dedicated and passionate about delivering this game to the world.

Hanako has evolved into sort of a hybrid art game and immersive multiplayer experience with an art style reminiscent of Japanese-style classic art with a next-gen triple-A quality feel (not quite as extreme as Okami, but not as gritty and realistic as say BF or COD).

As far as gameplay goes we are aiming for fluid, engaging sword fighting and archery with fun class-based abilities and variety based on a range of influences. The design is very mature and has years invested into it, it's been picked apart, put back together ten times over so we are very confident and passionate about executing it.

What we need from you
We need you to be able to work on secondary features and mechanics (or if you're really engaged and into the project more than that) that will assist and keep our Lead Programmer's plate from getting too full. You will be working directly with him, and our design guys to implement frameworks and code the game in a way that's more efficient than some professional pipelines.

If you're a UI artist you will designing and implementing the menus/HUD for the game. If you can do one but not the other and are interested in the project, we may be interested in having you still. (Like if you want to design an awesome HUD for the game but can't code it for instance). Note: The concepts for the HUD are set so it you won't be in the dark on design.

This is a great opportunity for you to get industry experience, work with industry pros who understand the Unreal pipeline and create a game with deep meaning as well as a great immersive experience for our players.

Everyone always asks about payment, and I do agree all talented people should be paid for their talents and contributions, we are operating with NO budget and are offering royalty shares that are fair (will be negotiated later in the project) and split among contributors. Those who leave the project prior to completion will only be due an average contract rate for the estimate hour equivalent of their work in lieu of persistent payment that those who remained on the project for its entirety will receive. That's our policy we feel is fair. In the event the project is a huge success and a full-time studio is born out of it, job offers may be part of negotiations for contributors as well. But we're doing this out of passion and love for the project, so help us get it done first and let things fall into place. The game stands for loyalty, honor, respect and fair treatment and that holds true as a team and indie studio to be fair with contributors. We may at some point do a kickstarter so we can contract out one-off tasks so this portion won't apply to them.


Is this game still going to happen? This seems like the perfect game concept.

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MattCan36 Author

Absolutely, new stuff coming now!

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