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This is the debut of Indie developers from Lepozhdian. Lepozhdian is an Indie Game Developer consisting only of two persons. This is very the very first release, if you like it, please support The Developer! Are you familiar with Virtual Reality? VR This game is something very simple and interesting at the same time. WC Rage is a dynamic VR game, an endless runner in which you play as a fearless sailor, who really needs to go to the WC. A game for fun and for positive emotions.

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WC Rage

Are you interested in Virtual Reality? VR?

Lepozhdian makes a special offer to you! Time to have some fun!

WC Rage is a hilarious dynamic game. It is an endless runner with endless madness. Really, in this game you play as a fearless sailor, who really needs to go to the WC. However, the sailor encounters many obstacles in his path...

WC Rage

The game has fun and catchy design. Simplicity of design, also filled with a huge amount of details.

You run forward, chasing a mirage the dream... The Mirage is a ghostly toilet, It attracts your attention, beautiful and dangerous...

However, if you look at it for too long... you get distracted and get into trouble!

In fact, you can be distracted by a lot of things on your way, even by flying sheep!

WC Rage Screenshot 1

WC Rage Screenshot 2

WC Rage Screenshot 3

You can play this game while sitting, standing even lying! Use Keyboard or Joystick or Touch Controllers! There are even no problems with calibration.

Everything is very simple!

In the game, all you need to do is to choose the direction of movement and not stumble while running!

WC Rage is available in the Oculus Store


You may Support the Developer on Their Patreon Page

and GET a key from this game!

Please, feel free to check the developer on their Patreon Page!

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