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looks like things are going to start up again. looking forward to getting things going again.

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The perlin looks amazing as does all of your critters. i will be cracking open UDK and rebuilding some levels in the next few days as well as building some weapons that we can use to test out stuff. maybe if we are lucky we can snag a coder and this can move forward. we have a lot of work to do and tons of rebuilding to do on my end. UDK will be the better of the 2 engines to use as its more polished and has fbx support for this. should have some content to place up soon then. Thank you for not giving up on us and please as always if you or someone you know is skilled in Coding with UScript please send them over to us.

And to answer some questions This is a fan made remake of the game with hopes of turning it into a real retail game if things turn out well with the ip holder if not then you will hopefully still have the demo to play and have fun with.

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