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Buy WazHack before January 29 and go dungeoneering for a pittance!

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WazHack is a procedurally-generated fantasy dungeon game. In the roguelike tradition, you can spend all the time you need contemplating your actions rather than just spamming Attack and Heal. Experiment with over 250 types of items as you bash, zap and befriend 100 different types of monsters from Aquators to Zombies and from Dogs to Demons.

WazHack Trailer - Desura


"A goddamned beautiful rogue-like for a new generation, but one that pays respect to the old. This is Nethack with good graphics, with all the corniness thrown out, and only slightly less epic." - CHESTHOLE

"A really fun take on the Roguelike genre that deviates from the norm by being somewhat intuitive and very easy to control." - BALLBARN

"Whether you’re a Roguelike guru or new to the genre this is one game that’s definitely worth taking a look at." - Comics & Gaming Magazine

"Okay, I need a mental boost to stop tweaking and ship version 1.1." - Waz

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