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This release allows Multiplayer to work between all account types (standalone and Web), and makes the game a little harder (and more exciting) with additional spontaneously appearing monsters. Improved pet AI helps counter the added difficulty. As always, thanks to those who have reported some quite obscure bugs for Waz to fix!

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Full change list (sans spoilers):

  • Fixed Multiplayer connection/friend problems, especially between different account types.
  • Added basic auto-pickup for small items.
  • Added extra effect to remove curse scroll/spell.
  • Added monsters spontaneous appearance. More danger!
  • Changed powerful weapons to also enchant the embedded item.
  • Changed range effectiveness of bows, must be more powerful to penetrate multiple creatures.
  • Changed some higher-level monsters to be a bit more powerful.
  • Changed to not allow attacking polyself with weapons.
  • Fixed arrows buy/sell in shops.
  • Fixed creatures jumping over molds.
  • Fixed creatures running away into walls and doors.
  • Fixed portals duplicating on save/load.
  • Fixed price of staves with gems.
  • Fixed teleporting of dead pets.
  • Improved fireball spell visuals, made more powerful.
  • Improved winter wolf use of freeze breath.
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