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So let’s get this out of the way at the start: Wayward has been greenlit on Steam! Thank you to everybody that helped this dream come true for Wayward. That’s good news. Even better news would be, say, the release of a new beta. Well, we have that for you too!

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Living Mushrooms in DarknessSo let’s get this out of the way at the start:

Wayward has been greenlit on Steam! Thank you to everybody that helped this dream come true for Wayward. That’s good news. Even better news would be, say, the release of a new beta. Well, we have that for you too!

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Wayward Beta 1.6 (Windows)

Linux 32-bit
Wayward Beta 1.6 (Linux 32-bit)

Linux 64-bit
Wayward Beta 1.6 (Linux 64-bit)

Mac OS X (10.7+)
Wayward Beta 1.6 (Mac OS X)

This has been one of the biggest releases to date in terms of improvements and fixes. Some of the coolest stuff form this beta includes:

  • New context/item menu implemented via single click on to item. The new item menu will feature all interactions that you can use the item for. This opens up lots of future possibilities. There’s only a couple of interactions right now, but expect to see more options soon!
  • Smooth movement has been added. This is disabled by default (for now).
  • Added a series of new milestones to unlock and discover. Milestones now save permanently, and each unlocked on start gives +1% to starting skill, and chance for more starting items. There is now “invisible” type milestones that reveal the progress, but not the name (the reverse of hidden milestones). Which milestones are hidden and invisible are now randomized on game start.
  • Fixed some errors when fighting bare-handed.
  • Containers are now left open when placing something inside/removing something.
  • Sandstone is now a rock-like item. Kilns now require a rock-like (instead of Sandstone, specifically). This is until the world map changes are in.
  • Resource gathering is now twice as fast; however, there is a larger wait between actions when you get item(s).
  • Using Remarkable, Exceptional and Legendary items in a craft now effect the chances of your craft also taking on these qualities. Reduced chance of creating Remarkable items by default. You can now craft Remarkable/Exceptional items across everything (instead of just limited to equippables).
  • Starting items, resource gathering, monster loot, chest loot all now have a chance to be Remarkable (uncommon), Exceptional (rare) or even Legendary (very rare) items.
  • A few new unique creatures and tons of new items/crafts including some rare/special stuff. No spoilers!

Read more as always on the Changelog page:

IndieDB’s 2013 Indie of the Year

The voting period for IndieDB’s game awards are ending pretty soon. If you have a quick minute, throw up a vote for Wayward here on this website!

Special thanks to arktvrvs and Grom_PE on this release.


I really like the amount of content you added here. I possibly didnt see all yet, but the few encounters I had made me smile, or also **** my pants! :D

A few suggestions (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

Arrows picked up should be automatically placed in the quiver, if any is equipped.

I think the spawn rates are crazy. I had 5 bears chasing me on my first night, and the second gave me 4 fire elementals along with some new mobs- and thats exactly why i died, I literally was entombed by mobs from all directions and couldnt get out. The problem is they all spawn at once in one location, and I already found it hard to get rid of the 5 bears. The bow and sling seem like great weapons in such situations though, but it really gets difficult if there's so many mobs all at once. Maybe it's better to spread them?

I like to play this game with the inventory open all times. When I got many items in it, I have to scroll down in order to see all items because they simply dont fit the window. In itself this isnt a problem really. However it turns into one once I want to move an item from inventory to backpack or other container. If I open the backpack, that window is focussed. Now I move the mouse over the inventory and want to drag something over to the backpack. What happens now is that if I have scrolled down already, that scroll position will be reset (it will be set to all scrolled up) before detecting what item is chosen, causing me to pick an item that is more up the list (so I'm dragging an item that I didnt want to drag). This has become such a pain that I'm hardly using containers at all.
The problem doesnt exist if I resize the inventory window large enough, however then I'd have to resize the window just in order to put something into a container. If you percieve this as problem or bug is up to you, but it definitely gets more annoying the more you use containers.

(to be continued)

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(continued from previous comment, attention, may contain spoilers!)

I like the way actions are handled now, but you must consider that this also brings complexity. Before this release, I could stoke fire by one single click, now I have to use two clicks (open menu->stoke fire), which already was a little annoyance at first. If you intend to add more actions to the game, it may grow to the extend it becomes a pain to use.
So I had the following idea: Let the cursor have a "action" attached on it. So when I have an action attached to the cursor, I can immediately perform that action on the desired item. Actions could be changed using a hotkey or a box inside the inventory window (next to the filter?). Stoke Fire, Shoot, or Throw could be possible actions that would come in handy.

What I also noticed that when making a fire, it starts out raging, but by adding fuel to it, it seems like it cannot get back burning as long as it did when setting it. That means I'd have to make a new fire if I want to have a lasting one. This seems a bit of a hindrance considering you made the process of making fire a bit more complex too. It isn't something bad, but you may want to consider this in a future update.

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Oh and before I forget: I noticed poison damage by a Bogler (uuh the green creature leaving peat on the ground) is pretty tough with 4-6 damage each time it's having an effect. It wouldnt be so bad if the time interval was a bit larger, but like this its killing you for sure if you're unlucky not to have any food or medical supplies around

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the quiver is rather buggy. When placing arrows inside of it I sometimes get the message "an error has occurred" with the info menu (the one that shows up while hovering over items) not showing up at all. I believe this is a bug that exists with containers ever since they've been introduced (you really should get this fixed to be honest, because like this the bug will cause or is already causing more nuisances).
There's another bug that makes me end up not being able to shoot arrows at all without quiver. Happens when I put arrows in quiver, shoot all arrows in quiver, pick up some arrows, and try to shoot arrows from inventory (it simply wont let me cause of the error). Apparently the bug can be temporary fixed by firing an arrow into an obstacle or middle of nowhere.

These two bugs may be related, as I didnt restart the game after the first bug occurred, so its possible the second is a consequence of the first bug.

What I've been noticing since last 2 releases or so is that gathering food becomes easy once you have established a little base with some crops. In this state, gathering enough water for the next day is much more challenging as actually gathering food. Once you're able to fight off most monsters food is so common you dont know where to put all the stuff. So my suggestion is to slightly increase hunger decay each turn, or make food rot faster. Or add single food items can be kept for quite some time while making others expire faster?

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What I also find a bit pointless is fishing. It is really really great at the beginning if you're lucky enough to 1) have a fishing rod or net or spear as starting equipment and 2) actually find a fish. But even then, trying to hunt these fishies is worse than hunting after a rat or chicken. Those two you can corner somewhere between trees or at the coast, but the fish just avoid you swim out the ocean where hungry sharks are waiting for their dinner lol Fish also are too uncommon than to be a reliable source of food. I personally only hunt for fish when I have established a base, and have nothing to do and thats also when I usually have enough food. Why having fishing when it's not contributing much to gameplay? (Well okay, maybe it only makes that impression because I only used the fishing rod so far :D But you still gotta wonder, I think. Then again, it could also be a mob spawning issue.)

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VaughnRoyko Author

Thanks for all the comments b5cully. Will definitely consider some of these things.

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