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Post news RSS [Watch] - Patch 1.6 News: Biome Maps! Elevated Roadways! Repair Macrobuilder and more!

Biome Maps are finally here! Build and explore Deserts, Snow and Mesa Maps, with updates to the default Temperate maps, new Road pieces, performance increases and more!

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If this game interests you check out the Steam Page!

Biome Maps!

Finally an alternative to seas of green. This patch offers 3 new kinds of maps - Desert maps, Snow maps and Mesa biome maps!

Desert maps consist of sandy plains littered with the occasional cacti, hilly regions of sand, and oases with palm trees.

Snow maps provide a winter landscape with Pine Trees (and the occasional little pine tree)

Mesa maps have plains of red sand and sunburnt trees in the hilly oases

Above: A Desert Map

Custom Road Lots

I've added some elevated road lots that can be manually placed. This contains straight sections, overpasses, water sections, corners, T intersections with lights, cross intersections with lights and ramps.

To allow alternating streetlights I've also added a ALT_AVAIL flag for LotPack items.

Above: The New High Road Pieces

Repair Macrobuilder

You can now repair with the macrobuilder! There is now a button that lets you click+drag to repair damaged lots. Note that this obeys the normal rules for repairing - lots must be insured and either owned or racketeered by you.

New Blocks

A few new blocks have been added - the Cactus plant for deserts, Yellow Tall grass for Mesa. There is now also Snow Blocks and Red Sand blocks and the typical shapes you get with a block ensemble.

Above: A Desert Map

Performance Upgrades

I've done some make-game-run-faster work. Mainly more intelligent entity culling. This results in a average case ~10% increase in FPS in built up areas.

Bandits in dungeons are not drawn if you are not in a dungeon, and surface bandits are not drawn if you are in one. In addition sun/moonlight shadows are not drawn while you are underground. These changes result in a massive speedup (over the previous version) in hilly regions near dungeons.

Bugfixes and Polish

Some longstanding bugs have been fixed. Most noteably NPC animations locking up when running at high framerates (at high framerates the NPCs are not moving very far per frame, making the renderer think that they are standing), map scrolling locking up at high framerates

The debug menu has been neated up a bit, and now has a framerate analyser (this helped me diagnose and do the perf updates listed above).

Lets Build Server Reset

Finally, the Lets Build Server has been reset, the new map is another massive desert map

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