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Late news but there are several new version of warzone 2100 that has come out since the last news post. Also online is flourishing, as I post this there are 8 servers online. We have anti-cheat checks now to keep things fair.

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The developer staff brings you the release of Warzone 2100 2.2.4.

This release is network incompatible with previous versions. (You cannot play multiplayer games with previous versions of Warzone.)

We squashed some more bugs, some balance changes, and other numerous things.

For a complete list see the Changelog.

As always: Please report all bugs, without them, we can't fix them!
Since there is some confusion on how to handle bug reports, I have decided to post the bug reporting guidelines here:

Bug Reporting
are different kinds of errors and glitches that sometimes can even lead
to crashes. Due to the limited resources of the Warzone 2100 Project
not everything can be tested prior to release. In order to be able to
fix those bugs we need you to report those bugs. For the bug reports to
be the most helpful we put up this page as a guide to writing good bug

How to report bugs

  • Use the search to find out, if your bug has not been reported yet.
  • If you did find it there and you have more information than was provided by the original reporter, add your information.
  • If you did not find it, submit a new bug report
  • Write
    something meaningful into the summary. Not just "I found a bug", but
    instead write "Crash when building units" (for example).
  • Give a very detailed description of the bug and how to reproduce it. This is the most important information!
  • If you are using the trunk version from Subversion, be sure to add the used revision, too.
  • If you are using a version from a package repository, be sure to add information on the package.
  • State
    which operating system and version of it you are running. This includes
    the service pack under Windows and the distribution on Linux.
  • Information about the game options you chose and the drivers (video/audio) you use and your hardware is very useful to us.
  • Additionally
    you could provide backtraces, logfiles, screenshots and other
    additional information you can get as an attachment. (Backtraces in
    pastebins ("nopaste") or on upload sites are NOT useful.)
  • Savegames that can reproduce the issue are very much welcomed! Package the savegamename.gam, savegamename.es (if exists), and everything in the savegamename folder as well in a zip file.
  • If
    you can, please attach the crash mini dump file to your bug report. If
    you are using an executable you compiled yourself, please attach the
    executable as well, so that the developers can use it to extract
    information from the dump file.
  • On Windows, you can find stderr.txt & warzone2100.RPT (crash dump file) in the same directory as warzone2100.exe is in.
  • On Linux, you can find the crash dump in /tmp.

Now that you know all this, use Developer.wz2100.net to create a bug report!

As always, download from <!-- m -->Wz2100.net<!-- m -->

Change Log

2009-10-11: Version 2.2.4
* General:
* Fix: Indirect fire weapons can no longer use sensors to fire at targets the sensor cannot see.
* Fix: Improved error handling in some cases - try to avoid crashing
* Fix: Bug in map renderer that would cause non-power of two maps to display wrongly.
* Fix: Added support for ATI-specific two-sided stencil extension. Will decrease CPU usage on ATI cards.
* Fix: Correctly handle savegame names
* Campaign:
* Fix: Improve anti-air and make it more like the original by making AA shots homing like in skirmish
* Multiplayer:
* Change: Data integrity check is added. This will break network connectivity with 2.2.3.
* Balancing - skirmish (r8262):
* Most projectiles 1.5x faster to reduce sync problems
* Mini-Rocket Artillery renamed Mini-Rocket Array
* MRL Emplacement renamed Mini-Rocket Battery
* Angel Missile renamed Seraph Missile Array
* Angel Missile Battery renamed Short-Range Missile Battery
* Hurricane splash increased 10 -> 30
* Cyclone splash increased 40 -> 60
* Whirlwind splash increased 30 -> 50
* Avenger and Vindicator damage increased 320 -> 350, accuracy increased 60%-70% -> 70%-80%
* Stormbringer damage increased 140 -> 180
* All lasers now have 80%-80% accuracy
* Plasmite Bomb weight increased 8000 -> 12000
* Mini-pod can hit air targets
* Decrease Pulse Laser and Heavy Laser ROF, increase corresponding damage
* Decrease VTOL MG damage, increase VTOL MG shots-per-rearm
* Artillery to hover multiplier decreased from 110% to 100%
* Artillery to tracks multiplier decreased from 65% to 50%
* Artillery to half-tracks multiplier decreased from 80% to 70%
* Artillery to wheels multiplier decreased from 95% to 90%
* Anti-tank to hover multiplier decreased from 100% to 90%
* AP to hard multiplier increased from 45% to 50%
* Seraph Missile Array range increased from 5-11 to 5-14
* Command Center must be built before MG tower can be researched
* Truck HP decreased 50 -> 25
* Truck weight increased 600 -> 800
* Inferno bunker research price 150 -> 125
* Plasmite bunker research price 150 -> 125
* Plasma Cannon radius increased from 1 to 3.5 and range from 5.5 to 6

2009-09-13: Version 2.2.3

  • Fix: When ownership of a building changes while we are building it, tell our droids to stop building it.
  • Fix: Correct orientation of sound output in 3D
  • Fix: Some sounds were missing for super cyborgs
  • Fix: Some sounds were removed for baba screams
  • Fix: Do not sometimes crash due to integer underflow when picking up artifacts
  • Fix: Some building issues on BSD


  • Change: Add tileset dependent map preview colours
  • Fix: Crash if map preview during map download
  • Fix: Stop ability to bypass unit limits by hiding droids in transports
  • Fix: Cyborg transport being invincible while in the air


  • Fix: Assert failure on effect cleanup when entering third campaign
  • Fix: Infinite loop when transporting a sensor droid to offworld campaign map
  • Fix: Do not lower volume to zero when multiple videos queued up


  • Change: New skybox for urban maps, this one is licensed CC0, not CC-by 2.0


  • Change: Added dummy version of function droidCanReach() that always returns true for backward compatibility
  • Fix: Do not crash in non-debug mode when calling allianceExists() with bad player ID

2009-08-23: Version 2.2.2

  • Change: Add the ability of allied players to share sensors
  • Change: Stop rotation when "Continue" is pressed after winning a multiplayer/skirmish game
  • Change: Show when a game was saved in a tooltip on the loading screen.
  • Fix: Cannot display more than one game from lobby. Also fix a lobby display issue.
  • Fix: Various checks and workarounds to make game run more stable
  • Fix: Crash due to path length overflow
  • Fix: Bug that caused some keyboard shortcuts to be unusable in multiplayer since they were considered cheats
  • Fix: Verify that our "target" is still around before doing fire support with it.
  • Fix: Fix crash length overflow by capping path lengths to max 255 nodes.
  • Fix: Fix a typo, we wanted to display "???" when ping is >=2000
  • Fix: Fix camera bug in warcam code. Patch by i-NoD
  • Fix: General order/action code cleanup
  • Fix: Fix segfault when trying to read target of droid with no target in aiUpdateStructure
  • Fix: Use _NSIG in the exceptionhandler if available for *BSD compatibility.
  • Fix: Add correct linker flags for openbsd to configure.
  • Fix: Disable locales without translation.
  • Fix: NTW updated to 1.8.7
  • Fix: When babas are burning, we always play the scream now.
  • Fix: Make sure we have a valid color choice for our SP game, when we are coming from a MP game.


  • Fix: Commit Portuguese translation.
  • Fix: Updated translations


  • Fix: Increase video buffer size from 4K to 256K. This fixes playback of videos with a bitrate larger than ~2000kbps.
  • Change: Add a north pointer for the rotating radar.


  • Fix: Fixes the removal of unused (sound) sources.
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