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Hello everyone. He have added our second game to Steam Greenlight. Support us please. Warstone is tower defense strategy game with a big amount of new features, fancy graphics and really cool story!

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The evil shaman leads his troll army into our lands. You have to find a way to summon powerful elementals to stand against the trolls!


  • No ordinary towers! Choose from 22 units to defend!
  • Great story campaign with 29 missions
  • 3 game classes: Commander, Sorcerer, Treasurer. Over 70 different skills
  • Wide choice of spells: Firewall, Lightning, Meteor, Elemental summon, Poison cloud, Astral warriors, Transmutation etc.
  • Different game modes: Classic TD, Maze, Hero defense, Attack and Defense -PvP-, Cooperative missions, Custom maps, etc.
  • Each basic unit has 3 options for further upgrade. Big skill tree for every unit.


Warstone is tower defense strategy game with a big amount of new features, fancy graphics and really cool story! The main feature of the game is absence of the usual towers! Instead, there are warstones. You can put them anywhere you want and summon a unit upon them. There are 7 basic units: peasant, archer, gunman, healer, eagle, wolf, elemental. Each basic unit can be upgraded into another 7 units. For example, peasant becomes a mercenary, who can be upgraded into a knight, a fearless warrior with high damage and slow attack, or a witcher, a demon hunter with rapid sword attacks, or into a monk, an unarmed figther with strong abilities. Each tower has a unique damage type, gold cost and special abilities. So the main feature of the game is pure strategy. You must think hard to find the best solution for every level.

Class system

In addition, you can choose 1 of 3 game classes.

  • Commander has skills which improves the power of your units and has unique abilities. He can transform usual warstones into powerstones which gives extra bonuses. He can destroy the stone for dealing a lot of damage to nearby units.
  • The weapon of the Treasurer is gold! He does everything to get more gold: bounty is increased, units are cheaper, drop coins give more gold, unique gold spells like transmutation into golden statue. All these will make army of the treasurer three times bigger than others. Also he can carry twice as many items and artifacts.
  • The power of Sorcerer is spells. He can have three times more spells at once than other classes. He regenerates mana faster than he spends it. He knows powerful spells like Elemental summon or Meteors rain. He can transform units into mana. He can pass level using only spells.

Diversity of towers plus different game classes open unlimited number of game tactics in PvP battles!

Development status

Game is almost ready. Now we are finishing the development of the last levels, comics and units. The central focus is devoted to bringing the game to the stable state.

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