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After 4 weeks of hard work, it is time to release Warsow 0.42. This latest release contains various bug fixes, changes and new features. The list includes fixes for the challenge queue and some performance improvements for WarsowTV. New features include the ability for WarsowTV to playback demos. The release is focused on code improvements so there is no new media for 0.42, but be sure to check the blog and idle #warsow on Quakenet to be able to participate in public beta tests.

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The release comes in the form of a complete installer (for Windows and Mac) and a full or update package (for Windows and Linux). If you previously used the installer for 0.4 or 0.41, the 0.42 version will automatically recognise your configuration and take care of the update. If you are using the update package, please ensure that you have 0.41 installed first. To install the update, just extract the package over your Warsow 0.41 installation.

Thanks to everyone in the community for the massive amount of support you have demonstrated, and welcome to anybody who is trying Warsow for the first time (you won't look back)! Please report bugs to this forum and most importantly, enjoy the release!

Full Changelog

New Features

  • Added game operator functionality
    • Game operators are players with elevated status who have increased power over the server, but do not have rcon access.
    • Servers admins set an operator password with g_operator_password.
    • Players authenticate themselves as an operator using operator or op .
    • Added opcall command, which allows game operators to call votes which instantly pass.
  • Added two new chat filtering commands - cg_chatFilter and cg_chatFilterTV - for filtering chat messages in normal games and when spectating tv matches respectively. These two commands accept the following bitmask values:
    • 0 enables all messages
    • 1 filters global chat
    • 2 filters team chat
    • 4 filters TV spectator chat
  • Added seek and pause functionality to demo menu.
  • Added demo playback capability to wswtv.


  • Changed network protocol to improve serverside culling of projectiles and playback of single-pov demos in wswtv. These changes are backwards-compatible.
  • Changed wswtv chat color to white.
  • Modified ip filters, they now stick around between maps.


  • Fixed unreasonably large challengers queue delays.
  • Fixed servers not providing version info due to long hostnames.
  • Fixed clan arena coaches being dropped into spectator mode.
  • Fixed several issues with ip filtering.
  • Fixed several crash bugs and memory leaks in wswtv.
  • Fixed graphical glitches when demojumping backwards.
  • Fixed minor gfx menu bug.

This game is just great, keep it up !

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cool, thanks

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