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Lots of changes to the North, new music and 4 new sudden death game variants

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Hey guys, added quite a few things in this update, the demon realm has a new theme song, there are now 4 new versions of the sudden death dice game, one of them hidden, not sure if anyone likes the game but these new versions are also quite fun! also the thickblood tavern has been fixed up a little more and you can upgrade fort gorthmek, also fixed a few annoying bugs and added a lot more kingdom types.


* Updated demonic realm theme song with new song
* Added northern sudden death game to thickblood tavern
* Added ability to hire bandits in owned thickblood tavern
* Added Brawls to owned thickblood tavern
* Added sudden death to black market
* Added sudden death tent to upgraded black market (with 4 variations of the game)
* 6Added secret version of sudden death9 hidden in sudden death tent
* Added ability to read information on fort gorthmek
* Added ability to upgrade fort gorthmek (higher troop cap and recruitment level)


* Fixed duplicate line in north page 2
* Fixed Vassilisation limit being too high
* Fixed Consortium as king consort not historical ruler of consortium
* Fixed animationless demon head not having colour
* Fixed independent troops not multiplied by continent level
* Fixed independent gold not multiplied by continent level
* Fixed bug where 3rd kingdoms peasants could never die
* Fixed fort gorthmek rules not saved each time game is reloaded


* Added colour to strength stone
* Added colour to fort ruin in the near north
* Added colour to ascii art and coloured lines to black bank
* Added colour to mystic hut
* Added colour to mercenary outposts
* Added colour to the harvest stone


* Increased max black bank loan from 10000 gold to 1000000 gold
* Increased default vassiliation requirments
* Added No refusal of bandit hire if you own the tavern
* Added Northern sudden death game to owned thickblood tavern
* Added Shogunate Kingdom type (credit u/dystainment)
* Added Imamate Kingdom type (credit u/CraveBoon)
* Added count to county (credit u/milleuros)
* Added Theocracy Kingdom type (credit u/krateng)
* Added Archbishopric kingdom type (credit u/krateng)
* Added Confederacy kingdom type (credit u/krateng)
* Added Viceroyalty kingdom type (credit u/krateng)
* Added Order kingdom type (credit u/krateng)
* Added City kingdom type ruled by Lord-Mayor (credit u/mickdude2)
* Added Imperator of the empire (credit u/thewinterking)
* Added regency kingdom type (Credit u/thewinterking)
* Added Blood clan kingdom type
* Added Triachy kingdom type (credit u/thewinterking)
* Added Margraviate kingdom type (credit u/krateng)
* Added republic kingdom type (credit /u/krateng)
* buffed mystic hut reward
* Added tax collected in the black market for sudden death tent if market is upgraded

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