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This has been again one of the biggest and definitely the most packed update I've ever done!

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This has been quite a huge update, to see the changelog, check out the post on our subreddit:

* Warsim (Massive New years update)

Tons and tons has been added, as you can see in the changelogs, some of the biggest editions are:

  • There are now 10 Quadrillion Human Faces
  • There are now 2 Quadrillion Mutant Faces
  • Added the ability for natural disasters to happen and ruin a land
  • Added Political issues surrounding slavery to the game
  • Added tons of race types and prefixes
  • Added new kingdom types and lordly titles
  • Added new building tilesets
  • Added the ability for players to mod their own races into the game

* Added A brand new race called Cthuuls to the game
* Added lots of new encounters for the throne room

* Added two headed races to the game
* Added lots of modifications to the face maker in game so players can save their favorite faces

you can check the game out over at www.reddit.com/r/WarsimRpg for changelogs and regular posts

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