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A lot of changes to the gameplay. Like online features.. Interested?

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Online features - register free account and you can get up to level 20. Persistent leveling implemented. Based on level you get ability points that are distributed to stats as you set them up on the new equipment screen. What is missing is optional attacks, bonuses, usable items and changeable looks. That will come later. As this is a major change, things will be a lot imbalanced for a while. How does this affect ingame? No further need for getting in the menu to level up attacks and buying equipment. You start at middle level and based on income your level raises or lowers and that level changes your ingame stats between base stats and your stat distribution. It may seem complex but it is not. It is super simple. Just try it :) And one more feature is neutral creeps, but got lazy on those and reused generic creep model. Have to change that later.

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