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Here it is, after months and months of hard work, and after a long final rush, War§ow 0.3 out.

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"Everything always comes in right time for those who can wait". That what we use to say in France. And here it is, after months and months of hard work, and after a long final rush, War§ow 0.3 out:

- Added Clan Arena (CA) gametype,
- New maps (CA : 1, CTF : 1, Duel : 6, TDM : 1),
- Revisited maps (wdm1, wdm6, wctf1, wdm5),
- New weapon and armor models,
- New weapon fx,
- New animations for player models and weapons,
- New player model (Jason padpork),
- New simple items,
- Added Coach system for teambased gametypes,
- Revised armor system,
- Tweaked weapon settings,
- And much more, just look at the complete changelog for all details.

In few words, tons of stuff had been added, tweaked, fixed, replaced, polished, cleaned. For a stronger gameplay, a stronger visual identity, a stronger challenge, a stronger fun. I bet many of our veterans will got the feeling to be in front of a brand new game. Therefore, even if Warsow isn't for sure nor finished, nor perfect, no doubt a major step has been obviously accomplished, making the game more warsowish then ever.

Now, before the fun, it's time for few thanks. Thanks to my dear dreamteam mates for their skills, hard work, involvement, tenacity, sense of self-responsability, friendly spirit, etc. My biggest thanks for everything. You guys made a long time dream real, you even made real something way more beautiful than I could ever wish.

Thanks to all of you, Warsowians, for your support, your patience, your input, your friendly spirit, and everything which contributed to make of Warsow a such wonderful galaxy.

We're making a free game, you're making the success of it, and that's a so great and powerfull deal, that's the master key of Warsow. Be sure I'm every day measuring how lucky and happy project founder I am. I'm just so proud of all of you, please get my deepest gratitude for it.

And of course, welcome to Warsowland, newcomers ! I hope you'll enjoy the game as much as we do. And let's get prepared for some big challenge, cuz you will quickly noticed how high is the average skill of warsowians, fortunately mixed with a real friendshipness, respect and sportmanship attitude, which have always been relevant uses inside the community.

Warsow is Art of Respect and Sportmanship Over the Web



That's it just pure sex. Great release guys <3

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Lower size of post before resubmitting.

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INtense! Staff

I've uploaded the release files to the Mod DB - so you can grab them here: Indiedb.com

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