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The latest on Warlord's upcoming free expansion, and another new unit added to the fray.

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Big news for anyone who has been following our game. We're giving not only free support and patches, but free expansions to anyone who has bought Warlord (and if you haven't, there's still time!). The first free expansion to Warlord is officially coming on December 22, 2008 and will be called The Winter Offensive. Not only is this just in time for the holidays, it's also perfect for winter vacations and days when it's just too cold to go outside. Honestly, who needs a hot cup of cocoa when you can have Molotov cocktails, Warlords, and a whole slew of new features to keep you warm!

FragfestEvery Saturday at 8PM GMT, members from Isotx and other forum members will be on to play Iron Grip: Warlord! Get into the fray, play with our community, and TRY THE GAME OUT! Remember, the demo is 100% free and contains the first level of the game in its entirety. Play with up to 8 other people, and we can assure you, the servers will be packed.

I personally hope to see you there - and if you own a copy, try to play a map other than Spiral for the challenge! I personally love Broken Gate myself.

New Unit: Confederate Fanatic

While I can't tell you too much just so soon, especially not all of those brand new features and promotion deals, I can continue what was started last week: the new units. There are two completely new units, one of which contains two unique models. This unit is a little scarier than last week's Confederate Templar, but he's just as religious. Rather than being a priest meant to inspire awe in the troops and guide them to victory, the Confederate Fanatic is meant to annihilate all that stand in his way - even if it means giving up his own life.

Unless you kill him first.

In the largest prison in Nalum (Fahrong), thousands prisoners on death row choose salvation by joining the religious sect of the Fahrong armed forces rather than being executed. These prisoners then serve on the front lines as a fanatic infantry, serving mostly in suicide brigades.

For these ex-cons, the reason to fight can be varied, but all are equally dedicated. From financial rewards to their families from the church, to potential amnesty from Trinthinite priests, to heavy indoctrination, all Confederate Fanatics have powerful reasons for fighting and using their lives as a weapon.

They mostly use old, outdated pistols to fire upon the enemy at long range, and their large explosive suicide packs to blow up enemy buildings and important leaders. Aside from their everlasting dedication to their side and willingness to give their lives to the cause, these units are especially dangerous due to their agile movement and quick nature. Each Fanatic runs much faster than the average soldier, and can deal immense damage by triggering their bombs.

So how will these new guys impact gameplay?

Let's just say you'd better pay close attention, or you could end up with a huge surprise.


Sounds awesome, i'd look forward to it if i had bought it lol..

Great work you lot.

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nice work isotx

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I would have thought it would be the Atelians who would use suicide bombers, but cool concept none the less, I love this game

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