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Warfront RPG Official Website is online. The first Dev Blog and no content to show but I plan on doing another one before this week ends.

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Well I really wanted to do a developer blog today with some content, lots of people were asking for a home for this project so the official website is up! Warfrontrpg.com

So the dev blog thing. My goal is to get a dev blog out guaranteed once a week. I plan on doing another one this week for sure with some content since getting the site up today is all I really have time for.

The goal of the dev blogs is to show you guys maybe upcoming content, game mechanics and how the game is actually developed behind the scenes. This is a big commitment for me since I'm just one developer but I I believe it will be good for the community and keep me motivated at the same time.

For now well keep the site/forum small branched off in 3 main sections.
General Chat - so anyone can come chat about anything.
Dev Blog - so I can post the dev blogs and you guys can give feed back
Download - so you guys can download the latest demos

Also sorry for the lame dev blog, this shouldn't be called a dev blog more like a 'dev post' but at least we got the site up and running today.

Any major news, dev blogs or latest downloads will also be available here on indiedb.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out and please leave any feedback or comments!

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