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Continuing in the graveyard I have added objects to indicate the perimeter of a biome and more walls to act as obstacles.

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Today I continued working in the graveyard biome. I wanted to make it so that the player can tell that they are entering a graveyard by placing objects that they will learn are associated with a specific biome or habitat. For the graveyards I have started by adding some angel statues to the perimeter.

If you see these angels then that means that you are very close to entering a graveyard, so if you choose to continue, you know what to expect! Zombies, and other undead type things! This will be particularly important at night when there are more dangerous mobs around.

I also added some more wall objects to surround the graveyards. Right now I have a set of horizontal and vertical walls and a cross shaped ones.These are working really well and add alot to this biome. You can also use them to buy yourself some time if you need to run away.

I figured I would mention that the player character will have a lot of customization options. I have been running around with this little green guy in a grey jumpsuit for a while since I have been working primarily in the environment, but I think that I'll change his outfit to something more appropriate for fighting the undead for my next update. Here are a few variations I made a while back to test how flexible the base player character was for customization.

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