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A walkthrough of the story. I recommend you to NOT read further if you havn't played this story yet.

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I recommend you to NOT read further if you havn't played this story yet.
But if you are playing and need help to figure out what to do, continue reading.

Map 1: Prison

A lockpicker to the first cell is located at the cell window. Use the chair by putting it on the table, jump on it and you will find the lockpicker.

A key to the exit is located in the desk in the office. Take the key, turn around and simply walk forward and you will find the exit door.

Map 2: Main hall

Only thing you need to do is going into Almas room wich is located at the other side of the main hall. Should not be a problem to find it.

Map 3: Nightmare

Key to the door is located in a shelf behind a potato sack.

Map 4: Main hall 2

Key to Almas room is located in the drawer at the cloths.
When outside, go to the redwooden door at the center of the map.

Map 5: Livingroom

Only thing you have to do is walking up the stairs, go to the left, follow the corridor and enter the red door.

Map 6: Library

Take the door to the right and go out on the balcony. Get on a table and simply jump out. Yes, jumping from the balcony is the right thing to do. Its a part of the story.

Map 7: Soulroom

Only thing to do now is to listen to what the demon is telling you. Once he is done, pick up the key on the table and unlock the door. Then go into the lights.

Map 8: Main hall 3

Just go into the red door. The corridor to Almas room is blocked

Map 9: Livingroom 2

Go to the right into the dinning hall and take the door to the cellar.

Map 10: Cellar

There are 3 doors. The one to the right is blocked by crates, but its possible to open the door anyway if you continue to push the door. Its a lantern in there.

The middle door is the right door. It will lead you further down in the cellar. There are 3 doors down there as well. The right door is the right one and will lead you to hatch. Open it and jump down to the sewer.

You can take 2 paths down at the sewer. Dont worry, both of them will lead you to the same place. Once you have found the other hatch, open it up and climb up the ladder. Then, continue moving forward to the level door.

Map 11: House

You can explore it a bit or simply move outside.

Map 12: Soulroom 2

Same thing again. Listen to what the demon is telling you, pick up the key once he is done and keep moving

Map 13: Escape

Go into the forest and follow the paths. There will be some pink marks here and there. Find them and that means you are on the right way.

Map 14: Escape 2

Same as map 13, follow the path untill you find your mothers home.

Map 15: Ending

You dont have to do a thing. Its over.

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