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Wak Attak is Pac-Man with weapons, check out this arcade game on Steam now!

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Wak Attak is out now!

Wak Attak is a story of family, fun, and blowing up ghosts. Wak Attak is Pacman. With weapons.

You play as Waka Waka, who's family has just been kidnapped by Lord Glob. It's a do or die mission to rescue the rest of the Wakas, and our hero isn't afraid. He doesn't run from the ghosts. He HUNTS them.

In Wak Attak, you navigate randomly generated mazes, eating power ups to level up stats such as Strength, Ranged, Magic, and Armor. Face off against 10 different enemies and 4 different bosses on your way to face the final boss, Lord Glob. Swing swords, fire crossbows, and cast devastating spells such as the Arcane Blast and Spectral Bomb. Oh, and there might be some treasure to collect along the way.

Inspired by the all-time classic Pacman, Wak Attak takes Pacman to a new level. Your hero dodges skeletons, fireballs, and missiles as he whacks and chops his way through Lord Glob's secret castle to free his family. With every level, the monsters grow stronger and new challenges emerge.

Can you free the Waka Wakas? Find out now!


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