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So--the last time you might of heard of this mod it was a wee bitty mod for Halo. I can't tell you the majority of news that has happened since then, but pretty pictures cant tell cold hearted lies.

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Basically all i can say is that this project is being held off for a while until the boys and I have a working engine thats far enough down the line (as well as the 'premiere' game for the engine, which isn't Evo) that we can work on this game. So far i've modeled placeholders for every weapon, equipment, and vehicle. The next update won't come for another long period of time, it's best to give everybody working plenty of time due to personal matters etc. I personally had an art meltdown for three months where i couldn't dare open up max or photoshop--but my illness is healed, thanks to some modwork on Bridge CE (that i cant talk about, yet) and High Res Halo.

I have updated the summary etc for the game, you'll find some juicy info about systems that will be implemented. I like to look at this game as a sandbox for the user--giving the player options to do some really different stuff and take a departure from normal FPS. If halo did it thanks to a combination of machinima, custom content, and an awesome gametype editor (now with forge), then im sure that this game will have lots of replay potential.

Like most times before it--everything is up in the air being juggled by many hardworking individuals who are constantly hampered due to mishaps such as car accidents, moving into foreign countries to satisfy their career options, robberies, horrible sicknesses, etc etc. I really have no idea how Zeph is still alive after his college schedule allows him only 4 to 7 hours of sleep a night. But we never stop working--even if we might do a small side project or a large project that pushes previous work on the backburner, we will remain dedicated and passionate to our work. Who couldn't love making their own universe?

Until next time, amigos.

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