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Post news RSS Wager gets its second update!

More items = more fun, probably. Wager gets its second post release update!

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Hey everyone,

Got a fresh update! Here's what's new:


  • Smoke Bomb - 30% chance of blinding your opponent causing them to lose a die on the next roll.
  • Katana - Reduce opponent's max roll by 1-3 on the next turn.
  • Safety Net - Reroll 1s you roll in the same turn.
  • Ladder - Use to add 1-2 to minimum roll of each die.
  • Mysterious Orb - If you roll matching numbers, an hour is added to the ransom time.
  • Passivo - Randomly eats one of your passives to add 5% of total coins to value. 6 turn cool down
  • Magic Candy - Eat to reduce item cooldowns by 2 turns.
  • Gauntlet - Throw to double your next wager return if you win the roll. If lost, lose twice your wager.

Dark Magic - When you subtract from your own dice roll, get 1% of coins added to your bank.


  • Fixed bug with new game item randomization
  • Added 3 new messages from Goose
  • Added new notification system with additional notifications when certain items are used.

If you want to hang / discuss the game, come to the Discord!

Want to see the game in action? Check out this awesome video by Retromation!

Godot v3 2 3 stable win64 JBjMC1 1

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