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Hello everyone, today's update is a shorter one of less importance but I figured I'd post about it since it includes the work that I did in a non-stop 4 hour designing process. Anyways, like I mentioned about one or two days ago in the last post, I was going to quickly throw up a website for the game, since there is a lot of content to cover. One page on the official Paperviper website definitely wouldn't be enough to cover everything, so now you have access to a website that will give you all the info you're looking for:

1)Home page; News, IndieDB status, etc.
The home page is still a work in process, but it gives you a little bit of info on the game, and the rank of it's popularity on IndieDB. Soon, I am going to integrate an RSS feed so that all of the news from here will be available in links over there.

2)Download page:
The download page will be, of course where you download the game. Since the game is still in work, there is no downloadable items yet but the page currently gives you details on things like the estimated release date. When the game is done, the download page will have a little feature showing how many total downloads there have been, just so any curious players looking for new things can see that many people are playing the game.

3)The about page:
The about page goes into detail about exactly what WAGAKKIWA is, and what features are in it. It also gives you a cute picture of Emi Umino from the game, so it's a win-win.

Since the other two links (Support and News) are to external sites I will describe the 'Characters' page last. It's a neatly and simply set up page show all of the main characters, their image, name, and details as to who they are, what they do, and what they feel.

The website is live at the moment over at wagakkiwa.paperipver.com but it's not finished. There are some other things I plan on adding to it, such as a very small forum that players can use just in case they're other confused with a scene or feature in the game, or just to discuss the game. I'll also add some sorta 'Media' page that will have all promo images, wallpapers, and videos displayed for your own personal use/enjoyment.

But, now that the basis of it is done I can continue my work on the actual game! Until next time everyone!
~Jake of Paperviper

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