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This is a features list of what the final product may include. (At this time)

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  1. Processor machines to transform goods into other goods
  2. Conveyor machines to move goods around factory
  3. Grid system for factory floor placement
  4. GUI for machine selection for placement
  5. Tile-based factory graphics
  6. Designated areas for adding and removing goods from factory
  7. GUI for selecting which input goods to purchase for factory
  8. Player AI for single-player play
  9. Procedural generation of factory floors
  10. Diverse collection of raw materials and finished goods from across industries (as opposed to a single industry)
  11. Maximum utility consumption to act as “pop cap” on factory machinery
  12. Multiple recipes for selection per processor machine
  13. Multiple factory buildings per player, ability to buy and sell factory buildings
  14. Stock-trading minigame to earn money for investment in factories
  15. Expense management (labor, cost of goods, taxes, etc.) as important factor in avoiding bankruptcy lose-condition
  16. Ability to “buy out” competing (human or AI) players
  17. Labor as resource for factory operation
  18. Mitigator machines to reduce utility consumption and danger levels
  19. Ability to deactivate machines to save on utility/maintenance costs
  20. Maintenance system where machines must be maintained or will break down over time
  21. For-fun office themed “factory” as company headquarters (headquarters mode)
  22. Stocks pay dividends to players who own them for a period of time
  23. Ability to unlock company bonuses through placement of office furniture “machines” in headquarters
  24. Ability to “overclock” machine for greater production at cost of utility/labor consumption
  25. Players have their own stocks that other players can purchase
  26. Ability to issue more stock in company when in trouble or looking to expand
  27. Ability to borrow money when in trouble or looking to expand
  28. Workforce management (hiring/firing workers, setting shifts, pay, etc.)
  29. Machinery based on real-world examples with distinct, well-defined functionality (as opposed to more generic “processor” machines)
  30. Graphical representation of workers on factory floor
  31. Three-tier processor machine system
  32. Company reports for detailed viewing of company activity
  33. Players can purchase stock in resource-producing NPC companies to work out special deals for input goods
  34. Different game modes (story, timed, career, etc.)
  35. Prices of goods bought and sold based on global economy (as opposed to being fixed)
  36. Prices of goods bought and sold based on market capture (ability to command a premium if only one company producing a kind of good)
  37. Stock prices based on company conditions (as opposed to random factors)
  38. Company initiatives that cost money but provide player-wide bonuses
  39. Lawsuit resolution system (throw more money than other party at trial to win)
  40. Reputation management system
  41. Political “donations” and ability to influence government policy (rules affecting all players)

We are Recruiting!

Prototype Gameplay Screenshot

Please look at our jobs tab to see if your interested and able to help out. If you do not see an opening, but you want to help out, send in an application anyways.

Base Character Concept Art


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