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vridniX, the frantic spinning platformer: overview, demo, reviews and more!

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Hi IndieDB! Do you know vridniX? It's a platform game where you control a selfish creature who wants to be worshipped. But during his journey to save his world, he will destroy everything…

The settings on the toilet...

First of all, we know that reading about a game can be boring, so don't hesitate to get the demo on the download tab to try the game yourself ;)
You're still here? Good :D So About the game! Quickly, this game is a platformer where the main character never stops running, as he wants to be the first to stop the evil forces. And when he picks up a rotation orb, he makes the level spin! Incredible right?

Watch out for the plants

The demo shows the first world of the game, and it lasts ~30mins. You'll get to see many levels, cutscenes, and a boss fight ;)

We got some encouraging reviews about the game! :D Look :

vridniX will try to save the world

As for the progression of the game, we have the full engine ready, a hundred of levels, what's left are mostly cutscenes, bosses, some additionnal gameplay and the musics. Right now, we are running our Kickstarter campaign and we've got more than 50% in ten days!! So if you are interested in supporting us, don't hesitate :D

And we're on greenlight too ("wow dude, that's a lot of info" I promise, it's the last one...), so if you like the game, don't hesitate to upvote us :D

I think that's it for now, stay tuned for more ;)

He wants to save the world.. but will he destroy it?

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