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We're asking for users/visitors/fans etc to vote to name our game. We just put up a poll and hope to have a name and logo soon! Vote for our game now on our blog.

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It’s been a few weeks since we asked for help naming our scifi platforming game. Thank you to everyone who sent in or tweeted game ideas to us. Zak and I made a list of all the decent game name ideas and cut it down to our mutual top 7. You can vote for your favorite game name in the poll in the right sidebar. Here was my ranked top 7 names:

  1. Astral Hunters
  2. Galactic Reign
  3. Terrestrial Brink
  4. Dark Matters
  5. Bounty Ops
  6. Galactic Brink
  7. Silent Conflict

Surprisingly, Zak and I agreed on our #1 and #7 Game Titles. His ranking was:

  1. Astral Hunters
  2. Galactic Brink
  3. Bounty Ops
  4. Galactic Reign
  5. Terrestrial Brink
  6. Dark Matters
  7. Silent Conflict

We have voted, but what do you thing? Vote on our blog: Blog.graduategames.com. Please vote for your favorite game name and share this little promotion with your friends. Once there’s a clear winner, we’ll work on getting a free prototype up and running. I’m hoping we’ll have something free and playable in March (even though it’ll be early and unfinished). Stay tuned by subscribing to our tweets or feed.

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