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Emiru's Maze is a platformer with action and RPG elements.

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In the winter 2013 meteorite fell in Russia near Chelyabinsk. A few years later the people who lived in the area began to turn into monsters. The epidemic was distributed throughout the world quickly. But this epidemic was very strange. This wasn’t a virus or a bacteria or something like that. Something terrible, invisible and unexplained shrouded our planet. Schoolgirl Emiru met these events far from home. Today she moves through mazes of the destroyed world, tries to return home and fights for her life.

This game is an attempt to preserve spirit of classic platformer gameplay with jumping over spikes, with jumping on falling and moving platforms. But at the same time we didn’t want to make Emiru’s Maze too hardcore.

That is why the gameplay isn’t entirely based on jumping. It focuses on different reaction to completely random events and things:

  • for example, dodging fireballs, acid bombs etc;
  • exploration of randomly-generated levels;
  • picking up weapons and armor with the necessary stats for battle with monsters.

Emiru's Maze is a simple game that can be played at any time. It has replayability, short dynamic levels, character progression and 2.5D graphics.

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