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Vote for our free indie narrative-adventure game where you play an agent of Death whose choice might influence the fate of a nation! Also, BRAND NEW ART!

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Once again we reached our timely milestone and are now official ONE MONTH from Release on August 15th! So help us by Voting on Steam Greenlight!

And once you do that, feast yourself on completely new artwork:

Check the Postmortem Homepage and Vote on Steam Greenlight!

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Postmortem is a FREE Indie narrative-exploratory game that will stress your moral compass this August 15th! Think The Walking Dead meets Home and The Last Express with a dash of To The Moon - a good mix of exploration, conversation, meaningful choices, discovering clues and some puzzles.

You are an agent of Death sent to take ONE life
from a cast of influential and ambitious characters at a charity Gala, in a rich and complex setting of industrial-revolution, conflict-torn country.

How can your choice change the fate of the nation?
How do you decide? And what other effect could your involvement have? How much should you meddle with mortal affairs?

How do you decide whom to Kill?
It's *entirely* up to you - Learn as much as you deem sufficient before you make the decision, and watch how your choice and involvement might (or might not!) influence the nation. And after... well, I'm not at liberty to say ;)

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