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While not necessary, I'd absolutely love the hell out of anyone who wants to help out. Also included is a quick status update.

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Just to make it crystal clear on my stance for volunteers & help from people, this article'll be about volunteers & who is helping me right now.

Warning - This stuff is somewhat outdated. For up-to-date credits, check T2-Dev's Steam Group.

People who are helping

Therium-2 is largely a solo project, but it's barely possible without the help of many people, including (so far):

  • Twowolves for making certain assets that were released to the Overgrowth forums (one of which is probably, lore-wise, the most important asset)
  • Halzoid & Rodeje for brainstorming & scripts & testing
  • Gyrth for helping make scripts & a fog script released to the OG forum
  • Thomason1005 for making a custom dialogue script (which is now the base of all my dialogue scripts)
  • Vanessa for writing some of the lore
  • Rolands for making custom models
  • Anton for making music & uploading it to the forums for community usage
  • Grindgrain for making some custom music tracks for Therium-2
  • Silverfish for being cool.

If I forgot anyone, please tell me; I really don't want anyone to lose credit for any help they've done.


If anyone else wants to help, whether it be models, scripts (AngelScript), new textures, even levels & story ideas, feel free to contact me either on the forums or on Steam.

As for what subjects I need help most, here's a list:

  • Models: If you have modelling experience and ever feel like contributing in any way, I'd love it. Of course, it's not essential to the development of Therium-2, but it'd just be plenty nice.
    • Some things I'd need to be modelled are extremely simple; just armor plates on characters & maybe a hoodless version of the main character.
  • Textures: Very, very unnecessary, but unless you ever feel like contributing there's nothing stopping you. I don't need anything textured right now.
  • Beta Testers: I already have a couple of Beta Testers, but anyone who wants to test the game absolutely can. Beta testing will begin, like on its tin, in Beta stage. You can be a tester for one or more of these purposes:
    • I'll probably need a range of hardware, from better PC's to crap PC's; I have a medium-high PC, which can run most levels fine enough.
    • I also already have a range of skill levels; I've already got two people who have never actually played Overgrowth before, and two who are experienced with the game enough to know it like the back of their hand. In-betweens are welcomed aplenty.
    • On the stranger hand, I'll also probably need to test how difficult the game is to install & get running properly.
    • For some reason I haven't mentioned gameplay feedback; you can test any levels for gameplay flow, structure & feel. If you don't want any spoilers for the storyline, there are still plenty of non-spoiler levels that you can test.
  • Story: I have plenty of people who can help me brainstorm ideas for story, lore & backstories, so I'm good on that, but just like everything else, people can contribute at any time.
    • If you do this, you'll also have to shake my virtual hand not to spoil it for everyone.
  • Levels: Very unnecessary, but at the same time, would speed up development. I'm already good enough with the editor & the general level design, but like everything else, people can join in at any time.
    • If anyone feels like developing some levels for Therium-2 (or level plans), then go ahead and contact me on Steam or the Forums. Just keep in mind that anything you offer would be open to plenty of editing.
    • If anyone wants to help edit, give feedback & improve existing levels, I'm down for that.
    • As for gameplay feedback, read the Beta Tester section above.

Like I said for most of these things, volunteers aren't necessary, but will definitely be lovely and probably speed up development.

At this point, I can pretty much handle everything on my own, but I couldn't have gotten this far without the help of those peeps (and my family but that stuff is reserved for actual final credits).

Also some status, why not?

Because every article can do with an update.

I've been posting plenty of articles recently.

I've been doing this just because I feel like I'd be presumed dead, but then I realised that I'm posting more about the mod then most devs. Even real commercial games speak less.

So, I'm going to focus more on silent development, unless some announcement comes by (don't hold your tongue, it's still in Alpha stage). Maybe a screenshot or two will pop up just to keep the Media section new, but most of the work I'll be doing will be kept silent in the eye of the ModDB.

I know I once said I'd make an article on the D path, but the D path's actually very underdeveloped and spoiler-ific; I want people to find out what's specifically in the story of that path by themselves, so for now I'll just say that the D path is almost entirely composed of dialogue.

I'll see you all next time.

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