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With only 4 days left till release its about time to talk about gameplay changes since last public bete release as they had huge impact on how the game is played.

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Hello everyone!
With Void Raiders release scheduled for the friday morning I realized its about time to talk about gameplay changes since last public beta release.

Endless carnage only

Yeah, under the pressure we talked about in last update i was forced to give up on single missions whitch served as "level & gear up" content during open alpha stage of the game. Now the infinite mode also know as endless carnage is the only game mode the game offers. It seems like significant cut, but belive me, game now make much more sense.

How the mode works? Once you pick up your character and click start mission button game will always take you to Void Industries Warehouse. As in any regular level your objective is to pick up all the void cores or data cubes depending on the world. Once you fullfill this task you are free to enter elevator to next stage. During level transition you are given option to spend some of your credits for atributes enhancing artifacts(at higher price than from lockers&chests scattered in world) and continue to next stage.

After every 5 floors you complete you are taken to boss stage. Defeating boss is rewarded by spawning huge loot chest whitch provides additional credits and valuable gear upgrade tokkens.

Void portals

You can distort the level rotation a bit by opening Void Portals which will take you to worlds not included in standart map rotation. Objectives in "Void worlds" are not about collecting but about destroying certain number enemies which have chance to drop additional gear upgrade tokkens and mega creds. Upon completing objective you are taken back to regular map rotation, but instead transition through regular elevator store you are taken to black market whitch offers much better artifacts and even the relics.

Gear tokken system

Gear was obtained as a drop from enemies and especialy bosses during whole open alpha stage. The system worked, but game feeled unbalanced as drops were completely random and sometimes unfair as getting decent chestpiece with hp regen atribute was most important thing and i dont think leaving such important event completely upon random number generator is not a good idea.

Now, every character starts with decent basic gear which can be upgraded directly from character sheet by clicking the orange buttons next to item icons. This system should be clear and fair to everyone and i think it adds another thing to consider before starting each mission as you have to decide if your goal is to get as far as possible, or enter as many void portals as possible to get as much gear tokkens as possible from your run.

Currently there are 6 upgrade "tiers" for each item slot and you can have a look at the picture above to see how are the stats for fully upgraded gear in case of Gudrun.


After defeating all 3 bosses game will loop it self and let you continue while combining enemies from different world to create another layer of challenge as you would not belive how effective are Ripper Hulks backed up by Samurai gunners from Neon Gardens for example.

Plans for near future

Enhanced loops - as current form is quite basic and i want to implement enhanced bossfights as well to spice up the challenge a bit.

Lone Invader upgades - to serve as mega cred sink and offer another way to upgrade your characters even further.

More stages - i have plans for at least two more environments, one of the will be third Void Portal world and will serve as place to go for additional blood gems and second one will be for standart rotation as i feel game needs more variety.

That would be all today! Thanks for visit & reading!



I'm still not really getting the gear update system, but everything looks sweet. I feel sorry that I may have inadvertently lowered the IndieDB score you posted in the vid, but i had to follow my gut on that one. I think the mixing of enemies is going to be a nice touch, and best of all with a game like this you have so much you can add, new levels, characters, items through DLC or patches....if your into that kinda thing ;).

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LurkersLair Author

Thank you and np. To be honest i dont think game deserves to be rated that high anyway;-)

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