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This update includes a video which shows from improvements to combat and the flak canon weapon. It also speaks briefly on the dynamic event system.

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Hey guys, I have been quiet lately preparing the alpha version of Void of Darkness for release on Desura. Rest assured that once it has been released, more frequent updates, news and insight into the game will follow.

This video update shows some improvements to combat. It demonstrates the beam laser point defense system. It also demonstrates the flak canons used by larger ships such as the cruisers in this video.

This video is a demonstration of how events will unfold while you are exploring using the dynamic event system. Based on which alien nations you have offended, where you are (close to their territory or not) they will jump in on you and attack. These attacks can either be as stated above or be pirates. Whoever it is, exploring isn't safe, either because of pirates or because you've made enemies along the way.

Not all is lost however, as you have the ability to send distress calls. Once sent, depending again on where you are and who your friends are, your allies are likely (not definitely) to respond. Their response time will vary. Of course for the purposes of recording the video I created the attack (didn't want to waste space by waiting for an attack), which is exactly how it will happen when you are exploring, except they will jump in. However, the distress call was sent, and if you look inside the crew interaction area, you can see they say that someone is responding and will arrive in X seconds.

Not to go too much further into the dynamic events, but they are all tied to the races/faction relations. You can also receive distress calls from allies under attack, and have the option of jumping to their rescue if they are within jump range. Or warping there. Wars/Disputes will begin and end and events will be created based on the current state of affairs.

This leads to other areas which will be shown later, but which are detailed in blogs already. Thanks! Look for us on Desura soon.

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