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After 4 months of early access Void Eternal V1.0 is now released and available on itch.io and Gumroad.

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After 4 months of early access Void Eternal V1.0 is now released and available on itch.io and Gumroad.

V1.0 Patchnotes:New units:- New unit: "Deimos". Capital ship with high health and damage. Continuously produces Sikaru units.- New unit: "Sulphur". Artillery unit with very high maximum and minimum range. High damage, but very fragile.- New unit: "Void Star". Capital ship with range 0. Deals extremely high damage directly beneath it.
New buildings:- New building: "Fragment Converter". Continually converts Souls to Fragments.- New building: "Land Creator". Creates land in a medium area around it, is an alternative to the spell "Create land".
New spells:- New spell: "Heal Bomb". Detonates one of your units and heals all surrounding units by it's maximum health points.- New spell: "Efficiency". Can only be cast on buildings, greatly increases their efficiency, based on their type. E.g. higher fire rate for towers, higher production rate for factories and mines.- New spell: "Chaos Prayer". Provides a powerful, random buff to all your units and buildings for a short time.
New buffs:- New buff: "Power Leech". Unit gains a random buff after destroying an enemy.- New buff: "Shield Leech". Has a damage type. Absorbs damage of that type, healing the unit for that amount.
Balance fixes:- Dakka: redesigned, the explosion is now centered on the unit and heals all surrounding allies.- Dakka: reduced matter armor, increased energy armor.- Void Creeper: Increased damage, reduced all armor types.- Void Stalker: Removed energy armor, increaed health points.- Tesla Coil: Increased range slightly.- Lucifer: Now starts with the Respawn buff.- Speed: Increased the effect of the spell.- Research lab: Decreased building time.- Raise land / lower land: increased cost slightly.- Zeus: energy armor greatly increased, all other armor types removed.- Hades: increased damage, reduced attack rate.
Bug fixes:- Jupiters now correctly spawns units on being destroyed.- Dark Temples now generate the correct amount of faith.- Void armor now correctly reduces damage.- Tesla Coil now always attacks the targets in range.- Workers now always build the nearest buildings.- Basilisks now adher to their minimum range when attacking.- Shuttles now transport the population between buildings more efficiently.- Wall health points are now computes correctly.- Energy transmitters now connect to other buildings over high rift.

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