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Recent Updates: Voice Chat Updated UI Foundry New Metals + Metal Construction Objects

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Recent Updates:​

  • Voice Chat
  • Updated UI
  • Foundry
  • New Metals + Metal Construction Objects

Voice Chat:

​Players can now talk in-game using voice chat. First enable your microphone on your browser, and then simply hold 'V' and you will be able to talk to nearby players. You can toggle other player volumes in the settings tab.

Updated UI:

The UI has an entire new design. Check out some of our old screenshots to see how bad it was before!


You can create a foundry by:

  1. Shape a boulder with a knife
  2. Find sand from emptying a pond (fairly rare)
  3. Find lime from mining a boulder (fairly rare)
  4. Combine sand + lime for cement mix in your quick-craft menu
  5. Use the cement mix on the chiseled boulder

Once you have a foundry, you can add all metals, wood, and coal to it. This will create a central stockpile for your base of metals. You can then select whatever metals you need as you go. You can still smelt basic metals on fires, but to make alloy metals you will need a foundry.

New Metals + Metal Construction Objects:​

Here is a screenshot of the various metal objects laid out. As you can see, there are a variety of metals:

  • Tin
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Tungsten
  • Bronze
  • Steel
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Titanium Alloy
  • Tungsten Alloy

Each metal has properties based on real-life attributes of that metal. Even the rarity of each ore is based on material composition of Earth's crust.

Future Updates:

​Moving forward, our goal is to make the game as optimal as possible, so that everyone can play it from virtually any computer. In terms of content, here are some of our upcoming future updates.

Near Future:

  1. ​Add variety to the environment
    1. New tree variations: unique models for each different tree, also sub-species of oak/maple trees
    2. Different boulder sizes: 3 different sized boulders that drop ore based on the size of the boulder (small boulder drops small ore)
    3. Rubble: instead of spawning random blunt rocks on the ground and mining for flint/sharp rocks, piles of rubble will spawn randomly and you will find starting materials there
  2. Fatigue will effect player speed
  3. Food scarcity: food will be more scarce, this will increase competition over resources
  4. Looting sleeping players: players will be able to steal from sleeping players
  5. Registration: players will be able to register accounts
    1. Friends lists
    2. Clans & clan chat
    3. Re-spawning: players will be able to set a re-spawn point in their base, and spawn there on death
  6. Tutorial: Some form of tutorial for new players

Distant Future:​

  1. Raiding: players will be able to gather/craft various explosive materials such as hydro glycerin, gunpowder, etc. to raid other bases
  2. ​Farming: players will be able to grow various plants in their base. These will take a while but have very good effects. For example, coffee beans will be able to rejuvenate player fatigue
  3. Bounty Hunting: players will be able to place bounties on other players. Players will be able to create "bounty boards" in their base which they can use to place, find, and collect bounties
  4. Trading: players will be able to trade with other players through trading posts
  5. Improved high scores
    1. Stat tracking: players killed, bounty hunts, trees cut, rocks mined, time played, animals killed, zones raided, objects placed, etc.
    2. Seasonal titles: Each season/wipe, players at the #1 slot for each highscore stat will have a title for the next season/wipe.
      1. "Bounty Hunter": Most bounties collected
      2. "Hunter": Most animals killed

Be sure to check it out!

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