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Client version 1.4.11 brings voice chat, fixes and a whole lot more.

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Client Version 1.4.11

So earlier in the year we had a big server crash and we were all like "aww... no!" but then we were all like "yeah vehicles and object animations!", but now we're like "Voice Chat... WICKED!".

It's been a hell of a year so far and we've only gotten started. In spite of having a big server crash earlier in the year we have slammed out some awesome updates such as vehicles, object animations and now... voice chat! This version of the client brings voice chat to NuVera Online for the first time.

Voice Chat
Voice chat in NuVera Online is a great new way to communicate with your friends and people you've just met. Voice chat will not work in Global and only people within range of your avatar will hear you speak. For more information about this great new feature head over to the Knowledge Base Voice Chat Guide.

Sales Terminals & Gift Box Labels
Another new feature in this release is the ability to customize the labels above Sales Terminals and Gift Boxes. Both management interfaces have a new Custom Name field where you can set what text will appear above the object when another avatar moves close enough to it.

Sunset Harbor
This client holds the first of many changes coming to Sunset Harbor over the coming weeks. We are working to add more interesting things to see and do in Sunset Harbor in the way of new terrain features, more roads, bridges and a whole lot more. This first part of this update is working on adjust some of the existing terrain textures and smoothing out some of the underwater portions of Sunset Harbor to make it a bit less treacherous for vehicles.

Release Notes

[General Features]

- Added Custom Name field to manage Sales Terminal and GiftBox interfaces that allows setting a custom name that appears over the object when a user steps close to it.

- Left clicking a Sales Terminal will now open it's shop window instead of having to use the right click menu

- Objects are no longer removed when out of range, but instead will stop rendering when out of range. This resolves issues with object reload lag when moving in and out of an object's visibility range.

- Added voice chat feature which allows you to speak to others in range using your microphone. Does not work over Global as only other avatars within range of your avatar will hear you speak. Must press talk button to transmit voice like a walkie-talkie. Default key is T, but is configurable in System->Controls.


- Increased font size in additional help windows not directly related to Tutorial Island

- Added help button to manage Sales Terminal interface

- Snapshots window now has an "Open Snapshots Folder" button that will open the Snapshots folder on your local computer where snapshots are stored.

- Added Mute Voice option to System->Settings that when activated will disable incoming and outgoing voice chat audio.

- Added Mute Radio option to System->Settings that when activated will automatically mute any radio playing in an area by default.


- Change to cliff texture in Sunset Harbor

- Tweaks to some underwater areas in Sunset Harbor. This is the first part of several changes coming to Sunset Harbor to add more interest and easier driving around the area.


- Moving too far away from an interactive object and then back again will no longer break avatar spot usage on that object

- Leaving an area while attached to an object will no longer remove your avatar or cause the seat to become unusable to others still in that area.

- Avatar will no longer detach from an avatar spot when moving around in free cam decorate mode

- Minor fix to how mouse clicks work when interacting with objects to resolve issue with accidently clicking on objects when using the left mouse button to pan the camera

- Sunset Motors Sign base now has collision

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