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This week we have a pretty small update, as all hands were focusing on getting Ro'to Village. There almost wasn't an update, but I figured a small one was better than none.

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Weekly Report - 53

This week we have a pretty small update, as all hands were focusing on getting Ro’to Village. There almost wasn’t an update, but I figured a small one was better than none. This update will be deceptively big, as it contains a lot of art files which have been added for the village, such as interior props and furniture, and exterior decorations.

Weekly Report   53

This week's additions

  • New Art for Cave-dwellers - The Cave-dwellers (Bandits) were completely overhauled this week with new art that fits the new bodies which were added a few weeks ago. They’ve also had their loot tables completely overhauled. You can generally find Cave-dwellers in the surprising location of caves, and occasionally out and about in the landscape in pairs.

  • 3 New weapons for Cave-Dwellers - Cave-dwellers were also given 3 new improvised weapons. Each one corresponding to the archetypes of blade, blunt, and axe. You can take these weapons from them, though generally they’re pretty crappy for the player to use, as they were intended for low-level, high-strength cave-dwellers. This also causes the Cave-dwellers to do significantly less atrociously high damage.

  • Better unarmed damage balance - Unarmed damage now scales a little better with strength, making lower levels of strength slightly weaker, and higher levels of strength more powerful.

  • Improved shadow appearance - There was a slight improvement to shadow biasing and sharpness, leading to nicer, more accurate shadows with no performance impact.

  • Improved moon - Improved the moon’s texture to be a little more proper. An improperly saved file was causing the moon to not have the right appearance.

  • Fixed: Dead Humanoid NPC Collision - Fixed a bug with dead humanoid NPCs causing them to have strange physics around the head after death. This issue could cause the player to be unable to step over the NPC, and could result in the humorous, but improper, launching of the NPC’s corpse at high velocity.

  • Fixed: Landscape Layer Bug - Fixed a visual bug that was causing one landscape layer to slightly overlay over all the others, giving pretty much every terrain slightly muddled colors.

  • Backend: Village Clutter - Over a hundred pickup-able items were added to the game, mostly in the form of decorations for the interiors of the homes of the village. This is not even close to all of the items that will be added, as there’s still two more sets to be integrated, and another two sets to be built and integrated. The point is, a lot of new stuff is going to be in the Village. This update includes the files for all the recently integrated files.

  • Backend: NPC Schedule Code - The code for NPC schedules was also completed, meaning it’s now possible for NPCs to have fairly complicated daily schedules, which will really give the village the feeling of being alive, which is of course, very very exciting! This will play into gameplay in interesting ways, such as only being able to talk to NPCs at certain times, store hours, guard patrols, and so on.

  • Backend: Relic Weapons - There were another 3 weapons added to the game which haven’t quite been introduced yet. As with the improvised Cave-dweller weapons, there is an Axe, Blade, and Blunt weapon. These weapons are significantly stronger than the improvised weapons, and will eventually be found on Cave-dweller elite.

The month of May should see the introduction of the Village into the game, so there isn’t long to wait to see all of the new and exciting content we’ve been working on for several months now. Ro’to Village, like Vizaris itself is likely never going to be considered fully complete, as long as it’s the main hub of the game (Which it will be for at least a year). We’ll be constantly adding new features, content, and unique elements to the village. The important factor is that it’s a launching platform for us to much more easily introduce new content, objects, quests, and gameplay features into the game (Especially non-combat features)

In all likelihood it will also mean larger, or at least more significant updates, as instead of the village siphoning off a portion of each week’s update time, that same time will go into new playable additions to the village which are added every week


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Vizaris is an open world, fantasy roleplaying game, with singleplayer and 6 player co-op multiplayer. Vizaris focuses on player choice and freedom. New updates at the start of every week!

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