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Over the next week we will be bringing you news updates on various areas of the games development. Today is visual FX.

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Visual FX are one of the most important aspects in making a modern shooter visually appealing. They add depth to everything from footsteps to how weapons look when they shoot.

It's amazing when you stop to think how much is linked into them.

Our Visual FX artist is Nicholas Seavert aka Jangalomph. This is his work:

Thanks for checking us out today, and be sure to check back over the next week to see all of our recent progress.

Day 1 - New Weapons
Day 2 - New Characters
Day 3 - Visual Effects

Day 4 - Level Design
Day 5 - Special Tutorial on UDK Foliage creation

Be sure to nominate us for IOTY if you like what you see!

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