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This is a new release which includes important bug fixes and other improvements to the mod. This new fix doesn't change the version number.

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After more than two years since the release of the first version the Vikingr development team is proud to present the final form of Vikingr 1.0. In the attempt to represent a wide selection of the old northern European peoples the Engle, Normant, Rus and Goídil have received a lot of attention in the previous patches. With this patch, after much tweaking and polishing, the Norðmenn themselves see a final overhaul with much of their old content reworked and expanded, to take their worthy place as namesake of the mod.

This is a new release which includes important bug fixes and other improvements to the mod. You can find the full changelog both of the new fix (which doesn't change the version number) and of the original 1.0 version below.

Vikingr 1.0 full installer

Vikingr 1.0 fix changes

Class System:

Lowered most class limits

Ber and Voevoda now reserve a cavalry class slot
Mounted Ber and Voevoda enabled using spear supplies for skirmishing

Lowered sword price penalty for Druzhinnik
Lowered armour price bonus for Swurdberend

Slightly decreased archery profiencies

Script & Mechanics:

Removed horn debug message and fixed cooldown
Slightly increased dismounting chance for bumping cavalry

Disabled admin-triggered banner change notification at rejoin


Made shorter polearms unable to block

Rebalanced armour stats and prices
Slightly tweaked some weapon stats

Removed trajectory penalty on cavalry throwing spears
Increased throwing axe damage at the cost of more curved trajectory
Added bonus against shields for light throwing spears/javelins

Texture overhaul for Ionar & Bróc

Other Content:
Created new style icon for duplicate factions
Fixed and tweaked some spellings and names
Added Þórs lundr map by Loftr Ragnarsson

Main changes for 1.00 (original release)

Class System:

Raised most class limits
All leaders now receive a basic helmet by default
Added longbow to scytta weapon selection
Added free starting sword for Gallgoidel and Swurdberend
Added single-edged sword to Ceithernach

Increased price penalty on swords for Druzhinnik by 30%
Ber and Voevoda no longer reserve a cavalry class slot

Script & Mechanics:

Fixed inconsistencies with weapon dropping
All helmet prices lowered by 25%

Default item selection now pre-sorted by small script
Helmet hair is now consistent when getting a cheaper helmet due to lacking funds
The buying menu now gets automatically opened when receiving 'loser bonus'

Fixed small glitches and bugs in menu buttons
Fixed class colours in scoreboard


Slightly Increased health for horses
Made dismounting on bumping more random and rare
Increased cavalry lance base damage
Decreased cost for using spear supplies
Longaxes receive a damage bonus against horses

Admin options:

Added 'move to spectator' option
Enabled triggering a pre-written disclaimer about clan banners


Overhauled and expanded helmet selection for Norðmenn
Created additional axes for Liði
Added new round shield patterns for Norðmenn
Added new norman and viking gambeson armour variations

Reworked old Norman kite shields
Overhauled Norman, viking and some shared tunics
Overhauled some Norman helmet designs

Fixed inconsistencies with scabbards
Made torch unable to block or be sheathed
Made short spear unable to block

Other Content:

New icons for all factions
New main theme by Nordous
Updated custom battle bots and hero descriptions
Replaced some old banner designs

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