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Take down the criminal underworld with powerful new perks, equipment and weapons!

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Hi everybody,

Update V1.04 is now available for Vigilantes, the crime-themed turn-based tactical RPG for PC. The update focuses on new content (perks, weapons and utility items), improves balance and puts a number of minor bugs to rest. The update also provides better information on which character's skills will be used in a given situation.

Thank you for your continued support for Vigilantes, your feedback and help with tracking down the last couple of bugs – without your support and help, these updates wouldn't be possible!

To celebrate the launch of the most recent update, Vigilantes is currently discounted by 20% on Steam and direct from the developer.

Have a good weekend!

With four new perks, Vigilantes now has a whopping total of 72 perks!

V1 04 Equipment

  • New Perk: Momentum - Gain +1AP for defeating an enemy, with a 20% of gaining an additional AP
  • New Perk: Engineer – This character contributes twice as much to crafting and repairs, and contributes the same amount of work as two characters when building a facility.
  • New Perk: Utility Belt - Increases critical chance by 3% for each utility slot, regardless if an item is equipped in it
  • New Perk: Preventive Medicine - Reduces received damage converted to Max HP damage from 25% to 15%

Seven new items and 3 new crafting options!

V1 04 Equipment

  • Utility Item: The Wealth of Nations - Increases sell price by 5%, decreases buy price by 5%
  • Utility Item: Flame Resistant Clothing - Resist 100% of fire damage!
  • Utility Item: Protein Shake - Prowess +1
  • Utility Item: Armoured Ski Mask MK II - Reduces chance of being critically hit by 75%
  • Utility Item: Backpack MK II - Increases max carry weight by 15 lbs
  • New Weapons: Eurocorp Artemis+, Tactical Katana
  • New Crafting Recipes: Eurocorp Artemis+, Armoured Ski Mask MK II, Backpack MK II

Balance, Information & Improvements

  • Added information to the character section of the help screen to explain which character's skills are used in different situations
  • Pack mule perk now increases max carry weight by 22lbs (was 15)
  • Changed layout of Nightclub map, so all enemies don't start with line of sight to the player team
  • Mafia boss will now drop loot, regardless if you fight him or not
  • Rain SFX can now be disabled

Bugs & Text Errors

  • Fixed armour disappearing if the player crafted multiple armours in one go, then filtered by item type armour, and equipped one of the armours. (Nikopol)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the highest team trade skill being used to determine trade prices. (Brasidas)
  • Fixed the Instinct Tooltip incorrectly claiming that Instinct affects Trade Skill (RickyIcky)
  • Fixed typo in Friendly Fire perk and in interrogations. (Nikopol)
  • Fixed a number of text errors. (liessahl)
  • Fixed a number of tooltips not being hidden when the mouse exits the tooltip object (Brasidas)
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