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Post news RSS Game View Improved, Destructible Environment updates, more level details and Tripmines!

The Game View is now more zoomed in to get you closer to the action! Destructible Environment has some new features, Surrounding details, such as bushes and grass, is added and improved!

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Game View Changes

To get you more engaged in the levels, and also make you have to explore a bit more, the camera has been zoomed in 50% more. I feel like this change could also make you care more about the characters, especially during cutscenes, since it's easier to see what they're doing.

Destructible Environment

A few more things can now be destroyed by bullets or explosions!

Surrounding Details

As seen in most images, the outside has gotten improved with grass, bushes, benches and trees!


When placed, tripmines with automatically detect enemies and explode as soon as they're close enough. Place them in any direction you want to perfectly set up your traps!

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