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VIDEO - A quick explanation what the game will be about and what we are aiming for.

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If you don't like watching videos, transcript is below :)

Thanks for spending some of your valuable time on watching our video.

I promise, I will try to keep this short. The purpose of this video is to quickly elaborate the overall concept of our game.

As you probably already know, we are trying to blend a few types of games into one. We like to describe it as a tactical shooter with survival and horror elements, that
focuses on cooperative play via LAN or the Internet against a computer AI.

What we wanne do is, blend the atmosphere of a sophisticated survival game together with the concept of competitive matches. While everything is designed for great immersion and being able to loose yourself in the game's scenario, it also triggers a specific sense of urgency that drives you to get things done. Therefore a huge focus must lay on
versatile and intense gameplay with a lot of pace changes.

But let's reveal a few more details, shall we?


it starts with you and your teammates crashing on an island during battle. The enemy's craft crashes as well, tho on the opposite side of the island, which is about 1-2km long. You quickly realize, noone will come for the rescue, so it's up to you and your team to gather all the necessary resources to build a boat, that would ship you to safety.

The resources on the island however are limited, with the most rare pieces to be found towards the middle between the two teams. You and your team will need to find the right balance between using resources to build protection for your camp and using resources for the boat. At the same time you will have to balance harvesting resources, keeping watch and attacking the enemy. And to make things worse, you and the opposing team are not alone on the island, at least during the nights.

These matches could take a couple of hours, depending on the settings for the particular match, which will allow to set the size of the boat you will need to escape (or in other words, amount of resources needed). That way, you can decide how long you want to play. At least in some way.

To sum it up, the game will consist of tactical combat. You will harvest resources all over the island, always trying to keep ahead of your opposing team. You will build protection and a boat, you will fight zombies, get lost on a huge island trying to find your teammates, run into the wrong camp by accident and, well stuff will happen. Also, there will be a few secrets on the island, some shock moments or a lot actually, but not too often, so you cannot really get used to them.

Anyway, I hope you like the idea as much as we do and we hope to hear you during some tests games.

Any questions? Let us know...

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