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I've recorded a small video so you can see the game is indeed working and along with it further progress on levels some improvements too early levels and new unseen levels.

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In the video you will see some game play and many improvements to the early levels along with entirely new levels, thanks to mobile internet I am able to show you these things however the quality of the video had to be low in order for me to do so, sorry about that.

In the video you see most but not all of the towers available and in fact there are more than double the amount of towers in the game some being weapons and other being strategic in ways such as buffs or resource gathering.

You also get a glimpse of the air unit which is not entirely finished yet but it's working at least with some animation as well.

You get too see some particle effects but there are more too come such as smoke, dust and fire and ones used on the enemy vehicles such as exhaust fumes and dust trails .

I hope you enjoy the video and hopefully someday I can complete the game and you will enjoy.

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