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Video of collision, mapping and "Window" based GUI on Android tablet featuring new game graphics. I demonstrate Phoenix USC's unique and one of a kind "window based" GUI that works for the PC and mobile devices. I also show off the new map system now supporting collision.

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Above is a video showing off the latest developments for Phoenix USC. In this video I demonstrate the new mapping system, now supporting collision and our one of a kind window based GUI (see image below) running on an Android tablet. The mapping system is functioning nicely and I have added a simple base along with an asteroid field and a plethora of space station to simulate a real world map. So far the mapping system is working better then I had hoped and along with the window based GUI is offering a very unique experience for mobile devices. This same GUI works exactly the same on the PC so gamers will be able to have a seamless interface experience whether on the PC or your tablet.

In the video I am testing Phoenix USC on a low-end tablet and getting very promising results. Because I have designed the gaming framework from the ground up every aspect has been designed and built for maximum efficiency which allows me to (for now) use the same exact map made for the PC on a tablet device. My goal is to provide ways to play this game outside of the PC world and reach into mobile devices. The demo in the video shows that the gaming framework I have designed for Phoenix USC is on it's way to reaching this goal.

Be sure to catch the last part of the video to see the real-time window on window views. :)

Thanks for supporting Phoenix USC.

Screenshot 2016 05 10 02 05 53

Window based GUI running on Android tablet


collision 5 1 16

Full screen map view on Android.

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