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Post news RSS Doris and the Dragon 2 Launches NEXT WEEK - Questions from Discord [VIDEO]

Ben answers some questions about the Doris series from Discord. Oh wow, we are less than a week away from launching The Tale of Doris and the Dragon - Episode 2 and we cannot wait to show you what we've been working on!

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You can now Wishlist the heck out of this game on Steam: WISHLIST NOW

We'd love to know what you think of our project and we read all the comments and feedback we receive! Please do head on over to our community page and let everyone know how excited you are! THE TALE OF DORIS AND THE DRAGON EPISODE 2 will be available on Friday February 7th 2020!

Arrogant Pixel Dev Diary #15
Ben answers some questions from Discord

Ben sits down for a quick video interview to answer some questions from our Discord channel. For all of you following us on Instagram and Twitter, you will have already seen these go out. We hope that these videos provide a little bit of a sneak peek / behind the scenes of the Doris series.

"Who came up with the Idea for the Doris series?"

"How did you design the characters in the Doris series?"

Doris and the Dragon 2 Press Keys are now available!

Press copies are currently being sent out and we are happy to provide assets to any journalists that want to have a look at Doris 2! If you are a journalist / reviewer / youtuber and would like to request a press copy, please get in contact: jay@arrogantpixel.com

Let's have a great launch day next week!

Thank you all for reading this update and for supporting our efforts to launch this game. After a long development it is great to see all of you so excited about continuing Doris' and Norb's adventure in Limbo.

Again, make sure you WISHLIST the game so you get all the updates!

Love the AP Team

Here’s the launch trailer:

For further information:

If you have any questions or would like to book an interview, please contact jay@arrogantpixel.com

About Arrogant Pixel:

Formed in 2012 by Ben Simpson, Arrogant Pixel is a small team of six game developers based in South West London. Our ultimate goal is to make high-quality games with memorable characters and a strong narrative. We will never release games that we don’t enjoy playing ourselves. Growing up in the early 90s, we were playing some of the greatest ‘point and click’ adventure games of all time. Our latest game series “The Tale of Doris and the Dragon” is our homage to the genre. As an independent company, we have self-funded this project and aim to release Episode 2 on Steam, iOS and Android.

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