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I've gotten some feedback that people are struggling to make money in this mod, so I decided to upload this basic guide on how to have a strong economy in Victoria Universalis. Everything except the tech guide applies to any nation, and the tech guide applies to low literacy civilized nations. I may release more optimized tech guides for unciv, medium, and high literacy nations at a later date.

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General Gameplay Heuristics

* Bureaucrats in state with most accepted pops until at least ~80-90% national admin efficiency (state efficiency doesn't affect tax, tariff, or promotion rates only national admin efficiency does).
* Clergymen until max cap in most populous states.
* Soldiers if you need to replenish after fighting a major war or are expecting to fight a big war in the next few years.
* Craftsmen when nothing else to promote (90% of the mid-late game should be promoting craftsmen).

* ALWAYS keep army and navy stockpile spending at the minimum during peace unless you are a few months away from starting a war.
* If your enemy does not have a navy or you sunk most of it and have naval supremacy, DO NOT fund navy during war.
* Fund education and admin 100% at start, some nations can lower admin to 51% or 61% after 100% national admin efficiency is reached depending on population of non-accepted POPs there are compared to accepted POPs. State admin efficiency doesn't matter because it does not affect tax, tariff, or promotion rate (in game tooltips regarding this are wrong).
* Keep military soldier spending at 100% if you are making lots of money, 51% if you aren't.
* If you are unciv, set education and military spending to 21-31% until your national admin efficiency is near 100%.
* Lower everything to 11% and social spending to 0% if you need money and are fighting a war.
* Each healthcare reform gives a 0.01 pop growth bonus for every 20% of social spending, so you can get partial bonuses without fully funding the social spending slider.

* Remember to use the Pass Reform decision every 10 years. The decision cannot bypass the mandatory 6 month waiting period for recently passed reforms so make sure it has been at least 6 months after you passed a reform before you use this decision.
* School reform is usually the most important reform for nations <50% literacy. Child Labor is third best to get for <50% literacy nations. High literacy nations should increase draft laws.

* Baby boom duration length lasts 10 years minus 1 year for every 100k above 100k population in a state. You will get the most pop growth out of choosing 500k-600k states.
* Literacy campaign isn't worth it unless you are doing a pacifist run.
* Agriculture decisions usually not worth the cost.
* Most countries don't need to expand mines until late game. Always choose to upgrade iron and sulphur mines over coal.
* Spread ideology will eventually turn most of your POPs into whatever you pick, but it takes a few decades.
* When fighting major wars, lower colonial migration and lower R&D level. These two reforms can eat up a lot of money and can be raised back to normal levels after the war.

* Read and absorb the information in this wiki: Vic2.paradoxwikis.com
* Understand that most damage comes from artillery in the backline, + attack and + defense upgrades are not as effective as they would appear (early +attack/+defense techs are bad, mid and lategame ones are good), and army tactics increase the overall effectiveness of your army the most.
* Use standard 4-1-5 infantry/hussar/artillery ratios for stacks. You can replace an artillery for an engineer in the very late game if you're invading an enemy with a lot of forts, otherwise its not worth getting them.
* Don't attack an enemy stack unless you outnumber it at least 2-1 or you have a massive tech advantage. Try not to attack stacks in bad terrain at all, the AI can always be baited out of provinces if you leave them an opening.

Tech Choice Guide (for low literacy civilized nations)

Don't switch to military industrial complex and don't enact invite european military advisors decision until mid game. Never get +prestige techs until after 1880 or unless you plan on skipping naval techs entirely.
* 1st National Idea - Education
* Ideological Thought
* Idealism (start saving RPs in 1839 for this)
* Basic Chemistry (if country does not start with it)
* Medicine
* State and Government
* Malthusian Thought
* Positivism
* Functionalism
* 2nd National Idea - Farming (can get mining if a large % of your RGOs are mines, e.g. Chile)
* Inorganic Chemistry
* Stock Exchange * Business Banks * Biologism (all of these must be taken before other techs, but order doesn't matter)
* Army Professionalism * Muzzle-loaded Artillery * Military Plans (skip these and get Nationalism and Imperialism if you aren't going to fight a war or are only fighting minor nations)
* Empiricism (save RPs in 1859)
* Nationalism & Imperialism
After this, tech choice doesn't really matter as much as long as you keep a 1-1 ratio of mil techs to commerce/industry techs, don't get prestige techs, and get breech-loaded rifles.
* Analytic Philosophy in 1870 (save RPs in 1869)
After this, get machine guns sometime before 1875 and you can start catching up on naval techs if you are a colonial nation.
* Phenomenology in 1880 (save RPs in 1879)
Doesn't really matter what you get after this point.

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