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Sorry for no info so far but hopefully this will explain a few things

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Hey guys,

I wanted to say sorry for the lack of updates, I am busy trying to get better hardware to run the engine to make this game how ever at this moment nothing has changed

0.1% Progress
unfortunately as I (True nightmare) am the main developer and leader of this game, its down to me to release information and keep you guys up to date as much as possible. how ever nothing has really changed since this page was made and nothing has really begun, this is mainly because of hardware issues and this makes it currently impossible for me to work on this game, If i knew my hardware wasn't good enough i wouldn't have made this page so early (Sorry)

What has been done?
So far the only thing that has been done is a few songs made by toadridermg42, its not allot and I can't upload them to this page because there too big

How long will it take until work starts?
Hopefully soon, there is only 2 ways development is going to start atm. I finally get my hardware upgrades or we get people willing to work from what i can say online

thank you for reading and sorry for the long wait

- True nightmare

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