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I've been working on a shader for painting the surface of the various shacks that form parts of the rig. Here's a work in progress video.

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A quick work-in-progress video, showing the vertex paint blend-based shader I'm working on. Commentary on the video, but essentially this will EVENTUALLY (once I'm happy with it) form the basis of variation on the various shacks that the rigs inhabitants will live and work in. I'm using this approach because it allows large buildings with repeating textures to be used in a way that the tiling isn't obvious. Essentially it uses a bunch of textures and a vertex "paint" value to blend them together. With a noise threshold value to decide what to blend. So you'd normally have say a "base metal", a "rusty metal" a "paint" layer etc. Right now I'm still experimenting, but the workflow is pretty nice, because its all built into Unity's world editor.

Obviously I'm not done with it yet, it still needs to have specularity and normal maps blended, plus I'm not convinced about the math behind the paint layer yet. I'm going for a look similar to Tim's shack test (viewable in the gallery).

Anyway, more when I'm happy with the final look. This shader stuff is fun!

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