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STEP ~ 1MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PODCAT'S TFH EXE ! ! !You can find this on the paradox HOI3 forum once you have registered your HOI3 base game.(the expansions alone are not enough). Overwrite the vanilla TFH exe with podcats.STEP ~ 2Place the 5.01 installer in the main HOI3 directory (With all the vanilla exe files) Double click (run as administrator) The mod installer will create a new folder for black ice in tfh/mods Only English Language version is supported

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Black ICE Mk VII 5.01 version is released !
New features include
commando mission events,
Soviet railway event chain,
USA airforce and Naval land leaders -for the HQs,
National fiscal policy,
Propaganda radio broadcasts and much more.
Full Changelog

Infra rework in France/ Low countries

Soviet, Siberian, Polish, Finnish, Baltic nation infra rework

Soviet Rail infra network/ regions added

Chinese starting manpower fixed

Canadian events added

air mission effiecency tweaks

Research Labs events expanded/ reworked

National Wartime fiscal policy events added

conscript brigade extended to the chinese OOB

mud events affecting infra on the russian front

Fixed Marine HQ which was loading as a Motorised HQ

Fixed capitalization on the Distinguished_Service_Medal trait, so it will now pick up the localisation.

Name corrections to Italian OOB by strato_caster89

Added some initial custom localisations for the special HQs (naval and air force still need to be done). Also, I only added them to the USA version of the events - need to be added to the other countries as well.

Fixed probabilities not adding up to 100 in a couple of cases.

Creation of fake country called OMG.... plus a country modifier for Fiscal Policy Cool Down

Fixed date for the repeal of the Neutrality Acts (USA).

Added missing localisations for para and marine traits.

Added a small supply bonus for players blockading enemy ports, to simulate capturing supplies trying to enter the port.

Added unique/accurate event images for the various USA labor strike events

Fixed typo with one of the Marine HQ flags which was causing the HQ decision not to fire.

Guangxi light_infantry_brigade division names added copy of infantry names. operation_barbarossa_aufmarsch_befehl added to get Germany to prepare for Barbarossa and the corresponding lua commandos.

Assigned OG to the Oceania continent

more Urban provinces added plus infra tweaks to south east asia

Changed the Pack Artillery to a Glider Arty unit for the airborne division in the Operation Torch USA OOB.

Changed position of the Deployment screen some pixels up

Bug fixes to scrollbar multi-unit and single unit panel Adapted the infra for German to different levevels

Added 2 events for the USA Auxiliary Services event series (WAACs and WACs)

Added island for BICE/OMG fake country for use in making background events. Plus changed the Fiscal Policy events to use OMG instead of SCH.

Fixed capitalization on Distinguished Service Medal trait

Updated images for the flag of Spain, using the flag Franco used from 1938 and into the early 1940s

repair rate and supply throughput tweaks

1 Pz Division OOB error

Research Lab now fires with just a university for Normal mode, but university and state of war for hard or Grofaz

Added missing decision title/desc for division_germany_comintern

Added missing event images for some of the Hungarian events.

Added the official death of FDR...

Assault Gun unit/models list updated

German TD GFX + Egyptian annex bug fix

Added the following text to SS Junkerschulen event. "You are now able to research the SS-HQ in the CoC."

CAG tech increases

Body Armor has been converted to a normal tech, with no event to unlock it, and no metal penalty, etc. Also added a missing event image for the Commando events.

fixed Chruchill escapes spam if UK conquered, USA political start tweaks, jet fighters added to air refueling tech

Bug fixes on the rebel GUI

Updated flag for DDR

Corrected name of the level V MOT HQ for USA

Fixed province ownership in the Malmedy Massacre event for USA

German and soviet light tank GFX/ localisations + unit/models update+ techs

Removed duplicate province IDs from coastal_sea_zones region.

AI Soviet infra regain when they recapture lost ground

German/Soviet AI armor tech research tweaked

radio propaganda broadcast events .. Axis Sally/Lord Haw Haw

Soviet armor GFX + armor unit/ models lists

German armor/ heavy armor model rework

More cleanup of Tokyo Rose events. She now can say random things, and it is tied to Pacific battles where there are at least 4,000 losses by the USA. Also cleaned out some vanilla event bindings in common/on_actions.txt.

defensiveness of infantry based units raised/ toughness of armor units raised + some localisation tweaks.

Add event for Steel Pennies, Japanese Holdouts, and the beginnings of the Axis Propaganda Broadcast events (still somewhat a WIP).

Infra tweaks to Belgium ardennes

Fixed historical model for JCS to point to the right leader brigade model.

USN / USAAF traits

New trait icons for USN and USAAF
French polish OOB fix + some US Navy/ airforce leaders for land HQs

Added new tech for "Installation Security", used as a defense mechanism against Commando attacks.

german localisation work by Deerhunter

Fixed typo causing air HQs for USA to spawn in Asia rather than San Diego (was 7530, should have been 7350).

German Artillery GFX

German AT gun GFX update + AT unit/models corrections + Chinese/Jap OOB tweaks

chinese OOB tweaks

Added Popski's Private Army reward unit for ENG

lower Rct Art defensivness

Changed upgrade rates for air, land, and sea units

Added the Bataillon de Choc and the Group de commandos d'Afrique as commando reward units for FRA.

Added the French "Commandos Marines" as a commando reward unit for FRA.

Added The Corps Léger d'Intervention (CLI) as a commando reward unit for FRA. Also added Paul Huard as their leader.

Added the Kaoru Airborne Raiding Detachment as a JAP commando reward unit.

Added the 1st and 2nd Takasoga Raiding Companies for JAP commando reward units.

Fixed typo in one of the traits for a new USAAF leader.

Added the Razvedchiki as a SOV commando reward unit.

Added RON (Soviet Frogment) as a reward unit for the commando events.

Added Canada's "W" Commando unit for the commando reward units.

Added Australia's Z Special Unit to the commando reward units.

Added some ITA reward units for the commando missions, and some localisation entries missing for ITA paratrooper_brigade units.

Added ITA localisations for commando units

SS armoured engineers will now get the fuel usage conservation tech benefit

All countries other than ENG and USA will currently get the generic commando reward units until we provide substitutes for them.

Players playing on GROFAZ mode should now get the research lab events.

Armoured Engineers should now also receive the benefit from the fuel usage conservation tech.

Ger/ ss motorised AT GFX

chinese MP tweaks + Ger/ ss Mot art GFX

Added Germany do the ignore list for the first 9 tiers of the generic reward units, as they only have 9 custom ones.

Added new unit "Elite Light Infantry Battalion".

Changed picture of Bayreuth (2689)

Corrected unit type in level 3 Marine HQ for Germany ... was a motorized HQ unit instead of Marine one.

UK artillery models GFX update

Rework support unit strength reduction, artillery frontage increase and battle combat width increase. Along with the AI hidden tech which reduces artillery frontage.

Added the Chichociemni and the Chindits for ENG commando reward units - more consolidating and cleanup.

Fixed bug in Port in Adria event

Added the Commandos de France unit

Added the FRA localisations for the commando_brigades

building strategic resources takes time, mean time to happen added.

Lowered strength from 3K to 1,500 men, as these are really oversized battalions, not full brigades.

Changed localisation for amph_armour_brigade to say "Amph. Armour Battalion", as that's what it really represents with only 800 men.

Added missing model image for landing craft (invasion_transport_ship_0.tga)

Change localisation for armor_brigade from simply "Armour" to "Armor Brigade", so that it is consistent with the smaller unit (the "Armor Battalion".

Changed Building Security into Facilty Security

Changed localisation for commando_brigade to "Commando Group", as they are not really a "Commando Brigade".

Renamed Self-Propelled AA to Self-Propelled AA Battalion

fascist militia build time fix

New tech for converting multi roles/ ground attack fighters to interceptors

Some Italian OOB tweaks by APE

Rework Air Doctrine window

Removed in-game guide, added website event to replace it, and added more website unit descriptions.

Renamed the ss_mot_brigade images to SS_mot_brigade

Air unit officer rework + AI only tech to reduce air unit officer costs

Chinese theatre tweaks plus increase infantry SA slighlty

SA value tweaks

Jap- Chinese theatre additions by franc-sher

soviet Guards OOB update

swedish OOB update thanks to APE

Naval tech update - secondary guns auto upgrade/ not main guns

SS HQ GFX models

RAF AI option change

bel/ Hol neutrality increase when Germany DOWs Poland

tweaks to make the T 34 more potent 1940 - 42

strength changes for semi mot inf

remove some incorrect UK armor GFX + some ignore techs added to germany/ japan

Added Battlecommander event images for the rest of the Battlecommanders

soviet province VP update

Elite Light Infantry Battalions no longer activated with Elite Commandos tech - they will be awarded via commando missions only.

changes to US neutrality

Balkans tweaks by EnperorTojo

Op Torch changed to AI only

Jap SNELF OOB changed to AI only

Australian GFX models by Chudolf

Frundsberg and Hohenstaufen added to Light Art

Added "BlackICE" to the ESC menu :)

Typo: "Convenanter" should have been "Covenanter"

Repaired smallcounter armoured engineer

removed concubine strat effect from shanxi

country colour changes...open to discussion

added tech affects to the aircraft activation techs so they now affect the model upgrade

changed the German AI tech bonus to be delivered some months prior to Fall Blau/ Zitadelle so that units have time to upgrade.

mountaineer trait added to Rommel

Eastern front balance tweaks to German AI

Added the all the HQ-brigades to camo_design technology

Updated the modfile

small tweak to German AI barbarossa bonus

small buff to Romanian AI vs USSR

buff to german AI IC in 1942/ 43

tweaks to sealow OOB

added infantry radios to SS engineers

ID duplicate fix

changes to US neutrality

Naval techs auto upgrade changes as per forum Poll

Guards HQ GFX model work

SS HQ GFX models

RAF AI option change + T34 tweak

T 34 OOB tweak + bel/ Hol neutrality increase when Germany DOWs Poland

Guest - - 699,695 comments

*Naval tech update - secondary guns auto upgrade/ not main guns
thanks, this was highly needed, and about the Body Armor , can you explain a little more about that, because i can't remember any kind of armour used by the troops in ww2?

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Kost_ - - 4 comments

Infantry body armor was widely used in soviet "ShISBr" units (ШИСБР;Штурмовые Сапёрно-Инженерные Бригады Резерва Главного Командования;Storm-Engineer Brigades of Supreme Command Reserve).

These were 19 elite pioneer brigade-size units, just like US combat engineers/German pioneers but with less engineer and much more assault capabilities. And with body armor as a bonus.

Some photos (more could be found by google-images):



They are hightly underestimated now. :)

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Kost_ - - 4 comments

Correction, 19 "regular" + 1 "guard" (yes, "even more elite") ShISBr. :)

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Guest - - 699,695 comments

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Guest - - 699,695 comments

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