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Version v0.4 is out and is available. This update focused on core gameplay, PVP, and pet progression. Also many new features and updates!

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Newest version is finally available for everyone to try out. Lots of changes were made to some core gameplay loops. We also focused more on pet progression/leveling up your pet. Then to top it off we added in a PVP/Rank battling system.

Website: RuneTails.com

Version v0.4 Release Notes:

Rumble Arena


It's finally here! The Rumble Arena allows players to show off their pets strengths against one another. This system kinda works like Rock-Paper-Scissors, however stats and other factors are taken into the equation. "Attack" your pet will directly attack your opponent, but leave their defenses open. "Counter" your pet will try and dodge the incomming atack and has a chance to strike back. "Block" your pet will stand firm and put of their defenses.


No competitive system would be complete without Ranks! After each fight you will either receive or lose rank points depending on the outcome of the fight. Those who disconnect from fights or leave before the match is done will be penalized. Currently the ranks available are Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each having 5 tiers. There is also an overall leaderboard and your pet's ranked stats will be shown on various screens.

Starter Pets

Starter Pet

To help new players, after registration, they will be taken to the screen above. Here you will be able to choose which pet you would like to start with. Unlike the previous release, this release focuses on pet progression along with making a stronger connection with the pet you choose to join your adventures.

Adoption Center v2

Adoption Center v2

The Adoption Center this release now works differently than it did in the past. Unlike before where all breeds of pets were available, now the only pets that will show up are those abandoned by other players. Pets abandoned will be available in the center for 7 days before they are released into the wild. If you would like to abandon your pet, it will cost you 1000 Acorns to do so. There are still ways to get more pets listed below. We decided on this change to make a stronger connection between the player and their pets.

Runecorn Spawning

Buried Runecorn

Along with being used to ensure your pet gets the desired element you want when climbing the Rune Tree. Runecorns can now be buried into the ground. After 12 hours you will recieve a random pet breed with that element. The stats of your new friend will also be randomized. However, there is a chance that you may receive a pet with no element.

School v2

School v2

The School also received an update. Now the four main classes (Endurance/Strike/Agility/Shield) now require a special letter to enroll your pet. This will make encourage a bigger variety of pets with different stats. In the future, these letters will be given as rewards for completing tasks/quests/etc. For now, letters can be won in the Training Center. Gold Scrolls are also available, when used with school letters or exp training, scrolls allow you to enroll your pet into multiple classes at the same time.


Pets now have stamina for combat to curb combat spamming. Stamina recovery is currently +1 every 5 minutes, or by drinking the new Honey Water items. Stamina can be increased by raising your pet's base Health stat (equipment modifiers not included).



You can now send and receive friend requests! Once a friend request has been accepted you and your friend will be added to each other's friend list. Along with this new system, we have added the first round version of profiles. You can vist another's profile and see their pets and some stats. In the future we plan on building out profiles to have achievements and many other things!

Daily Spin

Located at the top of the Dashboard. Another daily event is available! Along with collecting login bonus and bank interest, a daily spin wheel is now in. Spin to take your chances of getting one of the new Gold Scrolls or a Blue Top Hat!

New Items


Endurance School Letter
Strike School Letter
Agility School Letter
Shield School Letter
Gold Scroll


Cup of Honey Water - restores 1 stamina
Jug of Honey Water - restores 10 stamina


Top Hats (Black/Blue/Green/Red)
Straw Hats (Blue/Green/Red/Yellow)
Scarfs (Blue/Green/Yellow)
Round Glasses (Green/Red/Yellow)

Active Pet

Active Pet

By clicking your pet's name on the pet info screen (one where you see equipment/cosmetic slots) the Change Name window has been renamed to Options. Along with changing your pet's name, there is an option to make that pet "Active". This means they will show up on your dashboard, and will be the first pet selected in various screens and listing of pets. This will help when focusing on a pet to train etc.

Info Tips

Most screens now include an Info button. This new screen will give a brief description of the screen and some frequently asked questions.

Other QoL Updates

Pet Info page has Prev/Next buttons to easily switch between pets.

School now will show pets even too hungry or weak. If their status is not "Ready!" or already in school, class options will be disabled.

Combat Training first selected NPC is the first NPC equal to or less than selected pet's level.

Various UI updates to reduce scrolling and condense information.


New users now start out with 300 Acorns.

New users receive a Jug of Honey Water, Red Scarf, and a bread.

Nearly all item pricing has been adjusted.

More NPCs available during Combat Training.

Bug Fixes

School classes should allow you to level up all stats to x2 of pet level.

Check for usernames to be URL friendly.

When buying an item over its stack quantity limit, Stacks will be properly separated.

Background Tasks memory leak. Should prevent server from becoming slower over time.

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