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List of updates, fixes, and additions for each new version of BMS v1.18

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1. Ambush fixed bug making stealth units permanently invisibility

1. [b17] Mute sound hotkey is now the pause button instead of S
2. Added Selected images for buildings
3. Added a second art style for ground based guns
4. Plasma Tower now uses the tower model
5. Mission 2 Princeps missile ammo reduced to 1
6. Mission 2 some Hastatus units have had their missile ammo removed

1. PAV fixed using the old ambush code, crashing the game. Detection decreased from 0 to 1
2. ABMS mode fixed crashing the game
3. Praetor and Enemy Praetor secondary attack speed reduced from .04 to .028
4. Unit stats box in game now has a button and use the rebindable key
5. Fixed Mirage images being selectable with the group hotkeys
6. Fixed enemy units still drawing a circle when selected
7. Updated maps for mission 2
8. Fixed partial grid lines having been deleted and optimised it
9. Added all the missing weapon plans, weapon information is now a script also used in the Library and set the loadout number to start at 1, remobed the "Weapon Loadout" text, set the weapon type to be an image, reduced the height of the box
10. Fixed the "Basics of Battle Management Systems" in the BMS Help section in the Library using the weapon types image, fixed the Ambush image showing the wrong second image, updated the PAV and Ambush images
11. Removed the Sagitus' duplicate weapon
12. Added a detailed map for missions 2, 1-12, the option to switch to it
13. Added plans for the Aquila and Reaper
14. Fixed the escape button in the System Settings
15. Fixed an extra Mainbase spawning in mission 10 by fixing the Planning object always spawning at least one unit
16. Spear Lanzer targeting speed decreased from 15 to 10 5, accuracy decreased from 40 to 10, Pummeler accuracy decreased from 15 to 5, targeting peed decreased from 10 to 5
17. Dodging now decreases more slowly with respect to distance from attacker
18. Updated the unit stats box to move the weapon targeted text next to the target name
19. Fixed the unit stats overlapping the unit description in the Assembly room (known bug left in to fix later) and added a sub box when not moused over, added unit stats for aircraft an battlecruisers and buildings in the Library, and added battlecruiser and building stats being saved in the database along with units' and enemy units' stats
20. Removed the initial Starmaker and Starslash units given to the player at the start of the game
21. Removed the Urdswan from the Degaulle in the Fake Slizer Base mission, increased EMP mine stun duration to 60 40 seconds, added dialogue and an ending
22. Added Gunbarrow and Wing Guard plans
23. Fixed army orders applying to unselectable units
24. Adjusted the game intro rectangle being too big around the title
25. E-mails for Allies noow have standardised e-mail names, fixed "One of your officers, LTC. Markov [is currently] under investigation.", added e-mails for mission 6, fixed e-mail name 'Admiral [@am.mil' and added 'Trael Winder [twinder@un.org]', pulled back e-mails one mission after mission 6
26. Added Pummeler, Rammer plans
27. Added grid coordinates drawn on the grid the mouse is in
28. Added Selected glow images for normal unis
29. Mission 2 enemy Praetor now has its secondary weapon removed, Princeps missile ammo removed, some Hastatus missile ammo removed, and edited the mission briefing to say this

1. Game Messages with a warning sound fixed to use the repeating function instead of the modified function that overrides all previous sound of that type
2. Fixed Ship Battle room showing the victory screen when you lose, spawning enemy ships as friendly units,
3. Fixed Freyr not checking if its target existed before launching the Leivateinn, crashing the game
4. Fixed Valkyrie 2's not using the order_attack function, which meant they were not using damage drop, and fixed them not inheriting variables, which was crashing the game
5. Fixed Shards not using the order_attack function, which meant they were not using damage drop, gave them attack range, gave them attack angles
6. Weapons with attack damage lower than the target's armor now deal health damage again. Saving that change for the next game
7. Fixed unit selection circles not having a set colour
8. Finished Wolverine unit and added it to Rebel unit list
9. Added Sprayer Shot ability to Sprayer Turret and finished the unit, fixed Mortar Fire ability not using the rebindable hotkey and gave it a tooltip, fixed Sensor Turret not putting the ability name on the tooltip for the Designate Weapons Target ability because the it was listed as having only one ability
10. Updated the fighter AI script to make sure the units speed up and turn at the right times
11. Middle Mouse button now resets zoom to default and added zoom button text to the help tab in game
12. Mainbase now has battlecruiser state sound effects
13. Fixed the settings menu showing up when reaching the mission menu if ZERO had been typed outside of the menu
14. Fixed fighters not having movespeed when in dogfights
15. Units now need to re-acquire a target if their target moves too fast for their targeting
16. The unit stats window in game can now be toggle with caps lock
17. Fixed enemy unit spawned from transports and the Wraiths in mission 10 not using the right function to make units, which made their in game names not have appropriately sized boxes
18. Fixed Armiger's rockets not facing the direction they are fired in
19. Added new images to show equipment in the Planning Room when the unit is selected
20. Fixed Beam weapon equipment not having accuracy, crashing the game
21. The settings menu can now be accessed by typing zero with upper or lower case letters, the password is now shown if it is being typed properly, and added a button on the escape text
22. Turned off the unit stats menu by default
23. Fixed the Praetor model having white transparency around it
24. Fixed flares being launched at enemy flares, crashing the game when they tried to check for a variable the target did not have
25. Fixed Plasma Tower using the old ambush code, crashing the game when it tried to detect the player's AI from the old object. Removed ambush from it since the ambush script is made for player units
26. Laboratory research now has lines and tooltip text showing what its requirements are, fixed the backgrounds for buttons bing too big
27. Markov's name in the Library chaged, is now final. Admiral now has a name
28. Fixed the Mainbase Status room showing "GN" shields instead of "SL" shields
29. Added symbols on the maps for landing pads, fixed mission 10's landing pad text which said "H. PAD", and added a section in the help section of the Library for the map, added diagonal lines on corners of buildings, updated Toulouse Main Base map and Slizer Base map, moved the image for the help section in the Library up, updated mission 2 map

1. Moved the starting position for Fake Slizer Base (mission 9) up too be around the transports
2. Updated mission 2's map
3. Added EMP Missile Silos and Reaper Hell units to Slizer Base (mission 9)
4. Moved the Warning message from the UI object to the game object
5. Added a warning message when entering mission 9
6. Updated Striker plans
6. Added Bordeaux military base to the map
7. Map bases now have tooltips
8. Added mission briefing minimaps for the new missions 8 and 9
9. Missions 8 and 9 now have their own mission briefing visuals
10. Mission 9 (Fake Slizer Base) now has Pelicans in the planning room instead of already placed in the mission
11. Added Pelican to player unit list
11. Pelican display am changed from "PELIN" to "PELN"
12. Weapons with attack damage lower than the target's armor now deal no health damage
13. Added a "deletable" variable to units in the planning stage to simplify what can be deleted
14. Units with no selected image now show a circle when moused over
15. Enemy missile display name changed from "ENMY MSSL" to "ENMY_MSSL"
16. Text alerts are now shown below units Text alerts now and fixed the background going outside of the box
17. Fixed entering the simulation room causing the pause menu to send you back to the simulation room from story missions (and maybe from other modes too?)
18. Updated unit type icons and fixed the enemy unit type icons in the simulation room being in front of the buttons
19. Added e-mails for Markov being put under investigation, and fixed typo in e-mail for mission 11 "Lieutenant Colonel Markov has been identifies" to "Lieutenant Colonel Markov has been identified"
20. The Praetor in mission 2 now accelerates when it gets 60% of the way across the map
21. Added a sound effect for entering menus and for pressing buttons
22. Fixed text boxes backgrounds going outside of the outlines
23. Added a reactor Image and text to the power tab of the Mainbase Status room
24. Text alerts now delete old text alerts if they are from the same attacking unit
25. Added a settings menu for cheats (type 'zero' in the missions menu to access it)
26. Fixed Messenger showing "Mainbase" in the contacts list instead of the player account name
27. Removed the Mission Select button unless the player has finished the game or turns it on with cheats
28. Tutorial button now has a blue version of its icon and made buttons for the Aircraft and Ship Battle mode buttons.

1. Wraith's stealth energy drain cost decreased from 1 to .5 per second, doubling its duration
2. Added selected image for the player PAV
3. Allies units now have selected images
4. Fixed direction of Pelicans in the Toulouse Base (mission 8)
5. Mission text and Optional Mission titles in the Mission Menu now use the 5x5HQ title font
6. Fixed Mainbase status button no being pressable on mission 9 instead of mission 11
6. Mission menu font size from 36 to
7. E-mail faction buttons' tooltips now show the total and unread messages
8. Rebel units now have selected images
9. Multiple enemy units can now be selected and deselected by clicking on them.
10. Fixed Mainbase trying to draw the max amount of EMP missiles which wasn't known, and crashing the game
11. Fixed Toulouse Base (mission 8) using mission 7's ending
12. Updated the Toulouse Base (mission 8)'s map
13. Urdswan in mission 8 is now offline
14. Moved message type text further blow message text for story dialogue in game
15. Toulouse Base (mission 8) now has full triggers
16. Selecting multiple enemy units now requires holding the shift key
17. Target Ally ability now only draws image on units if they are visible
18. Enemy Praetor and the DeGaulle now only use abilities when offline
19. Added mission log for Toulouse Base (mission 8)
20. Sounds now cut off all other instances of the same sound playing, instead of only playing if there are no instances of the same sound
21. Fixed Shield Collapse ability not checking to see if the emitting unit existed, crashing the game when it didn't
22. Added triggers for Fake Slizer Base (mission 9)
23. Fixed planning triggers applying to the wrong mission du to the new two missions 8 and 9 that were added
24. The flagship box at the op left of the screen in game now doesn't show when in planning mode
25. Allies units now do not fire missiles at the Mainbase if they cannot detect it
26. Fixed highlighting invisible enemies when mousing over them
27. Fixed EMP Missiles not checking if their test target existed (if the target was invisible, the test target came back as nothing) before trying to detonate, crashing the game
28. Added a mission log for Fake Slizer Base (mission 9)
29. Mainbase now has ambush triggers

1. Added a new mission 1
2. Redid the tutorial messages animation
3. Units now decelerate from speeds beyond their max speed
4. Fixed Messenger crashing when trying to draw 5 characters after mission 10
5. Updated internal E-mails and Messenger messages
6. Added a button in game to turn on unit name colours
7. Released Mongoose as the "Some Interceptor"
8. Updated e-mails and made them appear one mission earlier
9. Added Marseille Military Base to the map in Navigation
10. Spaced out Terrain and AI buttons in game
11. Moved text in battlecruiser ability bars down and to the right, extended length of bar
12. PAV now accelerates to max speed, and has the mass of the unit inside added to it to change acceleration, and set their indicated speed to be equal to their actual speed, set reload speed to 0, removed firing angles, and set weapon range equal to the distance it can travel, set the detection range and detection to 0, fixed clicking on it counting as a double click to select all other PAV's
13. Added a highlighted version of models to show they're selected, and standardised two extra unit model art versions to all units, enabled the extra two art styles in the options menu
14. Added two extra missions
15. Added requirements text in the Laboratory for the RIMS research
16. The RIMS module now has its own variable to designate its enemy type
17. Fixed EMP rockets crashing the game if no player ships existed
18. Added an enemy Pelican unit and assigned the player pelican its model that was unused
19. Added an outline when the mouse is over a unit
20. Unit stats are now saved and are automatically updated to be accurate
21. Added Ammo Type Ability to Pummeler
22. Replaced player Pelican units with enemy Pelican unit in the Allies unit list
23. Updated mission 2 map with roads
24. Added enemy units stats to the library
25. Aileram repair speed decreased from .02 to .01
26. Updated mission 4 map with roads
27. Ambush mode now has charge instead of a timer
28. Added descriptions of the Pummeler and Sabotage Boat
29. Pummeler primary weapon damage decreased from 40 to 22

1. Added Pummeler to player units
2. Ability buttons in game now use the same colour background as the UI text and made it more opaque
3. Removed "BMS Online" game messages on missions 2 and 4
4. The Radar button now has it's own image and changed text to "RDR:OFF" and "RDR:ON"
5. Moved the unit stats boxes down just above the minimap
6. Buttons text has been moved down so that the text is centered
7. "Game Volume" text in the sound menu changed to "BMS Volume"
8. Added Sabotage Boat to player units
9. Fixed Monsoons crashing the game when selecting an enemy unit
10. Monsoon A and B thrust increased from 200 to 500
11. Options modifier key changed from control to alt
12. Moved Allies Scan UI icon to the menu box at the top left of the screen
13. Planning Stage unit cursor changed to be an odd number so that it aligns with the lines across the screen
14. Added a red Planning Stage unit cursor to show there isn't enough supply
15. The Planning Stage unit cursor now shows the correct colour when selecting a unit type button
16. Added a second interceptor to the Rebel units
17. The font for the selected unit at the bottom of the screen changed to 5x5HQ
18. Added a font for small bits of text that wouldn't fit with the 5x5HQ font
19. Moved the enemy unit stats at the bottom right a bit further up and to the left so it aligns with the player stats text in the middle and so that it doesn't overlap with the right bottom corner text and changed the name font to the 5x5HQ font
19. Moved the enemy unit stats at the bottom right a bit further up and to the left so it aligns with the player stats text in the middle and so that it doesn't overlap with the right bottom corner text and changed the name font to the 5x5HQ font
20. Health and energy stats at the bottom of the screen, and ship ammo at the top of the screen changed to the new BMS Text font
21. Enemy ships given individual number of engines
22. Zero damage decreased from 18 to 10 for primary and secondary weapons
23. Fixed Battlecruiser tabs using the old variable to display the weapon type
24. Updated the battlecruiser healthbar images, and made the background change colours when the unit is hit with a "HIT" indicator
25. Spaced out flagship tab (Terrain, AI) buttons
26. Shifted the battlecruiser health brs to the right so that they do not overlap with the left side of the battlecruiser tabs
27. Edited the formation button to make it easier to see
28. Fixed ship hotkeys not being visible on type 2 dark portraits, added bars to show abilities with ammo and put the ammo names and ammo count text at fixed positions, made all the ammo names 4 letters long, and added LEMP Generator to Mainbase's battlecruiser tab
29. Fixed the unit models having white transparency, giving them a white border

1. Unit upgrades now only apply if it is on the unit list, fixing the PAV crashing the game
2. Updated the Messenger messages, removed extra spaces and moved the messages below the names to compensate
3. Updated e-mails
4. Updated "Gameplay" section in the options menu to "BMS Settings", replaced "game." with "BMS." in the Damage Text tooltip, Ability Buttons tooltip from "be usable with hotkeys." to "being usable with hotkeys.", Solid Units button tooltip updated from "Turn on to have player units collide into other player units and enemy units collide into enemy units. This can be turned off to improve performance." to "Turn on to have units collide into other units of the same faction.##This can be turned off to improve performance.", updated Anti Aliasing button tooltip from "game speed depending on your system" to "system speed depending on hardware", replaced "game" for "BMS" in the GUI resolution button tooltip, replaced "player" with "friendly" in the unit name box button tooltip
5. Lowered weapon type sounds volume from .4 to .25 and reduced default volume of the OK sound
6. Fixed Arbiter abilities being listed in the database in the wrong order and therefore using the wrong tooltips
7. Fixed the old Player AI button still being on the right side of the screen
8. Fixed player heavy missiles overriding the individual missile's ability to detonate when out of fuel
9. Fixed mission briefing arrows being offset
10. Added the total number of e-mails to the tooltips of the faction buttons in the e-mails menu
11. Fixed the folders in the sound menu having the files image
12. Fixed army orders being applied to allied units
13. Fixed Praetor reload speed being .04 instead of .004
14. Fixed mission logs crashing the game because the first campaign's name wasn't set to the right variable, and moved the "Submit Report" text down
15. Error message on Mainbase Status button on mission 9 now says "No signal detected" instead of "no connection detected"
16. Mission 7 now gives the player 2 Reapers
17. Imperator secondary targeting speed decreased from 50 to 25 and targeting time increased from 60 to 100
18. Added an About section in the options menu
19. The Planning cursor now has its own cursor for placing units, and it changes colour when no units of the selected type are remaining, standardised building buttons not turning off the unit model being drawn on the cursor when you run out of units because it was using the aircraft variables
20. The help menu button is now a question mark icon without text
21. Moved the terrain sidebar buttons to the top left, vision mode now draws below most of the UI
22. Ships now have all their abilities only active if they are online
23. Added a Large EMP alert with a symbol for it
24. Fixed Striker Railguns having full ammunition when cancelling and then recasting the ability
25. Set the default game background colour to dark gray
26. Fixed ship icons in game being set to the first type by default, set coloured names to be default
27. Moved the unit stats boxes down and split it into sections
28. Fixed Shards crashing the game if there was no target for the ship
29. Added a shortened faction logo at the top left of the screen in game with lines to connect it to the ship portraits that shows when you have at least one battlecruiser

1. Hastatus missile ammo reduced from 4 to 2
2. Princeps missile speed increased from 1.5 to 2, Velite from 1.5 to 2.5, Urdswan from 1.5 to 2
3. Urdswan and Aquila II now use the allies missile ability function
4. Fixed player flares not attracting enemy missiles
5. Fixed player units not getting upgrades and abilities in the simulation room
6. Fixed enemy missiles switching to no target when player flares divert them
7. Moved units in mission 3
8. Mission 7 safe zone size changed and is now drawn
9. Moved units starting location and target position in mission 8, moved enemy Praetor to the right
10. Enemy Princeps damage decreased from 12 to 8
11. Mainbase primary and secondary damage decreased from 10 to 5
12. Mission 8 now has a helipad on the map
13. Princeps armor decreased from 5 to 2, Triarus from 10 to 4, Drangue from 20 to 10
14. Mission 8 enemy starting time increased from 100 to 120 seconds
15. Mission 2 now sends Princeps to attack the Praetor
16. Added a function to set enemy individual unit AI
17. Valkyrie supply cost increased from 8 to 10
18. Updated mission logs
19. Mission 8 now has Hastatus move down
20. Mainbase Status button now turns off during mission 9
21. Mission 8 now has Valkyries spawn further down and closer together, a missile tower replaced with a sensor tower, increased time after Armiger goes online to enemy units on alert from 5 to 10 20 seconds, increased time after alert and Velites spawning from 5 to 50 seconds 10 to 100 seconds
22. Added sound effect for Railgun hits and misses, Railgun Array, and Scramgun
23. Added hotkey to mute game
24. Imperator accuracy decreased from 28 to 18
25. Added sound effect for the laser ability
26. Moved Triarii further up in mission 8, removed an extra Triarus and Princeps
27. Enemy Praetor accuracy fixed from 65 to 60, Player Praetor reload speed decreased from .05 to .04, Praetor secondary damage decreased from 50 to 40
28. Fixed Ravens accelerating slowly when in travel mode and gave them the allies_missile_ability script
29. Slizer outposts in the Navigation menu are now bases, added an outpost for the temporary base with a hidden name until mission 6 and it doesn't appear after that, added the Montpellier base and the Beziers base, the Mainbase on the map now has its own image

1. Reaper and Aquila turn speed decreased from 2 to .8
2. Added unit spawned sounds to sound list
3. Fixed sound menu showing an extra sound file when first opening it
4. Fixed "an" to "and" in the Simulation button tooltip and made it shorter
5. Fixed mouse getting stuck in casting an ability if the unit becomes unselected by adding a cancel hotkey to the UI
6. Fixed Magshield ability not using custom hotkeys
7. Added extra content to mission 6
8. Starmaker primary weapon range increased from 200 to 225
9. Added planning equipment hotkeys to the hotkeys menu
10. Urdswan targeting time for the secondary weapon increased from 25 to 50, third weapon from 28 to 55, and accuracy on primary weapon decreased from 25 to 20
11. Added hotkeys to the planning equipment tooltips
12. Help menu now only shows its button when available, it is now a button, hotkey can now be rebound and now has brackets around it to indicate it is a hotkey, title in the help menu now has a different font
13. Resources and Supply indicators now only show the numbers next to the icons, and have tooltips with further explanations
14. Tutorial name changed from "Basics of Real Time Strategy" to "Basics of Battle Management Systems"
15. Unit selection has been moved to the UI object to optimise performance
16. Triarus range decreased from 400 to 185
17. Added a "Basics of Battle Management Systems" file to the Help section of the Library
18. Enemy stats in BMS mechanics moved out of the minimap code
19. Friendly allied units now have their stats shown as an enemy
20. Destroyers no longer try to move in the avoid_attack script
21. Reaper Hell turn speed decreased from 2 to .9, Spectre from 5 to 1.2, revenant from 2 to 1.1
22. Turn speed for the tempest reduced from 1 to .8, Stormbringer from 1 to .8, Tempest II from 1 to .75, and the Hunter from 1 to .9
23. Added Venator Plans
24. Turn speed for the Desolator reduced from 1.5 to .6, Bartail from 1 to .7, Seagull from 1 to .7, Aquila 2 from 2.5 to 1
25. Mission 8 starting time increased
26. Triarus damage decreased from 20 to 15, fixed Defender damage on the Triarus being 5, Princeps damage decreased from 12 to 8, Starmaker secondary weapon attack speed reduced from .04 to .02, Starslash reload speed decreased from .1 to .65, secondary damage decreased from 18 to 16, Princeps reload speed decreased from .05 to .04
27. Added two EMP missiles to mission 3
28. Player units in mission 4 moved up and set the Urdswan spawn to happen only after the player has started attacking
29. Pathfinder damage decreased from 5 to 2

1. Veritas primary weapon fixed from being a laser to a blade
2. Unit name backgrounds are now sized based on the font of the name
3. Arma attack speed decreased from .01 to .005
4. Added the game intro beeps to the sound list
5. Added a secondary for the Banshee
6. Added a notification for enemies decloaking and made a function for the plasma stealth ability
7. Luminus sniper mode attack speed decreased from .02 to .006
7. Added sound effects for when new units spawn
8. Luminus attack speed decreased from .04 to .02
9. Fixed player units being able to continue hitting their target even if it turned invisible
10. Imperator secondary weapon reload speed decreased from .025 to .02
11. Options menu has been renamed Settings
12. Starstrike damage reduced to from 100 to 50
13. Optimised player units by removing an extra piece of code that reset the selectable variable
14. Mainbase fixed not being able to receive advanced orders by moving the advanced orders from the player_units object to the UI object, also optimising units for lag
15. Veritas damage decreased from 25 to 16
16. Added Starburst tech to the Library
17. Mission 8 now gives more time for player units to enter and fires missiles automatically, changed "STEAL" alert to "SECURE/CAPTURE", changed other text, delayed attacks, made it use the planning room, removed valkyies spawned, removed Mainbase from Planning and reduced max ships to 0
18. Armiger abilities now only work when it is online, increased pummel cooldown from 10 to 20 seconds
19. Laser cannons now cannot hit ground units unless specifically targeted and optimised it Fixed ground units switching to air when coming out of ambush mode, optimised Laser ability, gave player_units the ambush script
20. Praetor and Enemy Praetor turning speed reduced from 2 to 1, DeGaulle turning speed reduced from 2.5 to 1.2, Libritor turning speed reduced from 1.5 to .8,
21. Fixed Alt bug again somehow happening. Added left and right alt bug fixes
22. Armillian secondary weapon targeting speed decreased from 45 to 20
23. Added text to the pause screen indicating that a battle or simulation is in progress
24. Added an e-mail for an incident report
25. Buildings now don't try to move in the avoid_attack script
26. Striker and Moonrunner turn speed decreased from 2 to 1 and 2 to 1.2
27. Starburst damage decreased from 250 to 180
28. Added an e-mail about finances
29. Added a player destroyers parent and decreased their rotational acceleration from 1/second to 2/second

1. The sound options menu now has buttons to bring up the individual sound buttons in their groups to save space, and moved the individual volume slider to the right to not overlap the other sliders, and fixed the enemy flare text saying emp_small
2. The mission briefing now has the messenger type font changed to the small font, added an icon to show that there is no communication sound, removed the "COM" part from the waves box before "STABLE" and added a percent next to it for the amount of bars
3. The Banshee now has vectored movement, reduced range from 400 to 250, reduced damage from 25 to 15, reduced sniper mode range from 1000 to 800, sniper mode damage from 200 to 100, sniper mode reload speed from .02 to .01
4. Fixed Reaper being used instead of Reaper Hell in the Ghost unit list
5. Fixed bug that causeed the last player made unit to count as two units, causing its name and stats to not show up, and optimised the way the UI used the total number of player, enemy, and total units by setting them to centralised variables instead of recounting every time it needed them
6. Ship battles can now be paused
7. Added an ability for mechs to avoid missiles
8. Fixed Princeps base damage being 20 instead of 15, and Princeps damage decreased from 20 to 15
9. Pause menu has new background
10. Added weather conditions text and images for each mission briefing, changed mission 18's location to Danmarkshavn, and added a new story message sound effect when going to the next message
11. The list in the mail room now shows the most recent first, made the Allies and Rebels text fit in their buttons, made the to/from text lighter
12. Armor applied to units in the Planning Room now have a weight cost Anti-weapon armors are now designated as heavy an increases a unit's mass by 25%, Reactive armor plasma and explosive protection increased from 25 to 30%, Reflective armor laser protection decreased from 50 to 40%, Fixed the Laser armor explosive protection being -100% /2) and changed it to 10% (.1), added extra text to tooltips for heavy armor and charge armor
13. The weapon loadout function no longer has the unit upgrade function included in it
14. Updated the PAV art in the Library and fixed it to say Propulsion Assist Vehicle instead of Ambush Mode
15. Added an option to change the unit display name font, increased the size of the top windows in the art tab of the options menu, and showed the display name with lines and box on the unit shown, and moved the units to the left and down
16. Added LEMP Generator ability to Mainbase
17. Planning room now shows the correct enemy units and their images are now only shown when hovered over
18. Added non-ability key rebinding, added an indicator to show which button is being rebound, removed army orders from units and optimised the army orders in the UI
19. Added Weapon types' armor damage to the Library, stored the armor damage in the game object, optimised the weapon icon determination to be stored instead of determined every step, added the Explosive weapon damage type to the library, and fixed the Urdswan and Ally ships not updating it's targeting and accuracy stats when switching information
20. Missiles now no longer continue to target undetected invisible units
21. Optimised nearest_unit script by making all of the variables that were supposed to be local into local variables fixing some units not being able to detect others because they were using the detection variable of the inivisible unit instead of their own (not sure this was actually an issue)
22. Added a game intro sound
23. Libritor now switches between its two weapons, and gave them their own damage stats since they only had accuracy and targeting stats
24. Fixed Allies ships having a detection level of 1 and not being able to see passively cloaked units
25. Added the extra ship plan images to the battlecruiser shop when mousing over the image
26. Fixed mechs not being able to be picked up once shut down
27. Reduced Armillian weapon 1 damage from 20 to 10 and weapon 2 reload speed from .25 to .15
28. Added secondary weapons to Aileram, Veritas, Arma, Luminus, and Starstrike, Mechs can now switch weapons, and the weapon swap mechanic as been moved to the UI and removed from battlecruisers, fixed Mainbase not using secondary weapon accuracy and targeting stats, removed the secondary weapons on the Princeps, Triarus, Rammer. Fixed the Bellator and Executor weapons showing how many cannons they had from the old weapon speed system
29. Zero and Veritas weapon 2 targeting speed and time fixed so that they don't apply to weapon 1 with array entry 0

1. Fixed the Unit Types tutorial crashing the game because the units were not saved to the proper variable names, which also fixed it not highlighting the units, fixed the Print Certificate button not allowing the tutorial to continue because it didn't end the current stage
2. Fixed the missile turret crashing the game in the unit types tutorial because it did not have an ambush transparency to go back to after going out of ambush, by making a parent unit for all player buildings
3. Fixed the Print Certificate button in the Advanced Orders tutorial not allowing the tutorial to continue because it didn't end the current stage
4. Fixed the Shield tutorial message in the Battlecruiser tutorial showing at the bottom right for shields or slightly down and to the left when off, fixed battlecruiser not being removed at the end of the tutorial
5. Fixed the Targeting tutorial crashing the game when trying to issue an order to the player unit to attack but used a variable the unit didn't have, fixed typos "determined" to "determines", "made" to "many", "is ready to fire" to "are ready to fire", "reload it" to "reloads it", "Fast moving units are harder to hit" to "Fast moving units take longer to aim at", and changed "physics" to "ballistics", and other changes.
6. Wraiths heat number drawn under them has been removed. It was only used for testing purposes
7. Tutorials now do not use the partial text scrolling feature in story messages, to make it easier to read, and replaced all the tutorial story message senders from "MAINBASE" to "TUTORIAL"
8. Fixed battlecruiser icons in the battlecruiser shop only showing the Praetor as selected and gave them a highlighted image and the upgrades only showing for the Praetor by removing the ship_i variable that was being used instead of the "ship" variable, and added Battlecruiser plan images, and added a text box, and fixed the ability number not being reset when selecting a different ship causing it to try to find a non existent ability for the ship and crashing the game
9. The message type text in story messages is now drawn with the small text font
10. Fixed mission 2's allied Praetor unit not using the make_unit function and therefore not having the write art style, also made all allied units made in make_unit have the make_enemy function in it (to make them allies, despite the function's name)
11. Fixed units with the Anti Missile Weapon State ability immediately stopping instead of decelerating when activating the ability
12. Passive Flares, AMPS, now require the unit to be online in order to launch
13. Added a boot up screen to change game modes, added a new boot up button image, added a boot up button in the ABMS log in screen, and added a button to get back to the log in screen once logged in in ABMS
14. Fixed a probably rare bug where the tooltip timer variable did not exist and was crashing the game when trying to draw a tooltip. Probably from the mouse being on top of something with a tooltip when starting a new room (was going into ABMS or BMS from the boot menu when it happened)
15. The start menu now removed the side buttons when logging in
16. Updated the Mainbase, Messenger, and Aircraft icons in the mission menu and fixed a mistake in the Mainbase icon
17. Moved the abilities box up to align with the armor box in the planning room, added a weapons box, and fixed the typo "drag to move all selected unit" to "drag to move all selected units", fixed "unit'+"'"+'s direction" to "units' direction", removed periods from "remove it." and "cancel orders.'", "Order units to stop, cancel orders'." to "order unit to stop, cancel orders'", "Designate unit" to "designate unit", "[1-0] Press a number" to "[0-9] press a number"
18. Wraith's Mirage ability now can be deactivated and gave it a starting energy cost again
19. Replaced all instances of the word "player" in the tutorial with "friendly"
20. Added a sub box for boxes inside other boxes. Used it on the ability box in the Battlecruiser lab and added it in the Mainbase Lab, and fixed the ability name not showing in the screen
21. The simulation room now also shows a target mouse image when placing any unit instead of just for aircraft
22. Ship Battles now use Allies ships too
23. Allies ships now have a laser type weapon as default, fixing the DeGaulle having a plasma weapon
24. Fixed Ship Battle mode not turning off sounds when leaving the game by adding a new function to handle transitions with the game and menus
25. Fixed The Freyr and Freya crashing the game because they tried to send a warning message when activating their abilities in the planning stage
26. Added a box in the Laboratory saying Projects and added sub boxes, and moved them down
27. Updated Mainbase to use normal moveattack command so it doesn't change target if it had one before
28. Error messages in the menus now have their "ERROR" text changed to the small font and were moved down and to the right
29. Fixed missions 11-18 not having message types in the mission briefings

1. Missile death text messages have been moved down and to the right to better see the death animation, and doubled the missile deceleration
2. Gunbarrow's Rocket Barrage cooldown is now proportional to the amount of rockets fired with the new cooldown being 2 seconds per rocket fired, fixed ability icon not being gray when on cooldown, set the cooldown to be in seconds, fixed it firing more rockets than it had ammo for if there were more targets than ammo remaining, this fixed a bug that would crash the game where it tried to fire at more targets than it had acquired, and fixed the tooltip showing up as the ability text when out of ammo
3. Gunbarrow's Siege Mode now increases Howitzer and Rocket Barrage range
4. Explorator's Explorer drone ability now shows "RTRN" if the drone is returning, and fixed the drone not using the explorer drone ability image
5. Added an image to show there are no images available in the Personnel section of the Library and moved the basic info to the right of the image
6. Added a sound files image for the sound tab of the options menu, added the sound name and directory in the tooltip, made a list of shortened sound file names for the button text and the directory, and made the text part of the button
7. Extra Battlecruiser missiles now will not use up ammo unless on a new story mission while simulations will not, fixed AP missiles reducing the amount of AM missiles you have instead of AP fixed the Bellator using its extra missiles before using its normal missiles, fixed the Venator, Mariner and Millian crashing the game because they did not have the test variable to see if a missile had been used, fixed the LE missiles crashing the game when used on ships other than the Bellator because it did not assign the fuel variable
8. Fixed Battlecruiser Lab not showing ship buttons because it used the old unit list, optimised it by removing it going through the unit list to find which ships were owned, fixed the buttons being of the wrong ship, fixed always showing 2 missile bays regardless of how many bays the ship had, fixed the space between buttons being more than the background, fixed missiles with a lower index being assigned to the same missile bay if the previous missile in that bay had a higher index
9. Fixed ability tooltips not updating their hotkeys, and fixed a bug that only happened when I changed the ability tooltips' variable name where it would claim that the array index was out of bounds. How that didn't happen before I don't know
10. Extra Battlecruiser missiles now have tooltips and text and fixed them overlapping other abilities
11. Ability button x and y locations are now stored in an array instead of as variables, which optimises the ability drawing function, fixed the tooltip area as being one pixel too little in the right and downward directions when using tooltips but not buttons on ability buttons, and set the ability_number variable on ships to match the amount of abilities they start with or have, not the total they can have
12. Set the Ion Shotgun, ECM, Holographic image, and Laser Rifle to require research
13. Added Deploy and Return unit sound effects
14. Fixed flares crashing the game when missiles tries to hit them because they did not have a target but still tried to damage it, fixed flares moving towards their target instead of just moving in a straight line
15. Added a sound effect for invisibility
16. Added a sound effect for invisibility
17. Fixed Moonrunner Flare ability showing much less range that it has, increased the range from 200 to 250, fixed it showing the cursor with of the target mouse image, doubled set its flare duration to 20 seconds, made the number of flared fired dependent on the distance of the mouse to the unit, decreased its flare radius
18. Rewrote the Hoverplanes section, added Hover Tech and Airship sections, and added to the Plasma section
19. Added sound effects for deploying drones, deploying a unit at less than full health, beam guns turning on and off
20. Optimised the enemy invisibility so it only tries to turn off when on
21. Added sound effects for AML, speed boost abilities, EMP's, flares, smoke, RIMS, Siege Mode, Jammers, Laser cannons, SL shields, Warping, Images, Railguns, Suppression fields, Magshields Mirage, Starburst and Starburst shot, mortars, paladin shield
22. Story text is now shown partially going from start to finish
23. Updated the Revenant's description
24. Updated the description of the Mortar and Sprayer Turrets
25. Fixed Strarslash's Starburst ability not showing as available or active, and made the energy cost dependent on the current speed and damage
26. Added a volume slider for abilities and enemy abilities
27. Added battlecruiser ship plans
28. Reworked the Wraith's weapon cooldown ability. It now starts at 0 heat instead of 100, it cools down even when not firing, heats up slower, and instead of reloading when the reloaded bar reaches a certain point, it increases he reload speed allowing the reload bar to fully charge
29. Fixed images leaving a shot line to where they last shot. Now they don't shoot at all, which means fewer calculations done, and also it didn't really make sense because they'd do 0 damage anyway and the enemy would figure that out.

1. Added weapon sound effects
2. Added a BMS intro sound sequence
3. Fixed a bug where an image had its attack line stuck on where an enemy unit had died, removed image attacks
4. Increased Mainbase thrust from 200 to 250
5. Fixed Spear Lanzer's Ion Howitzer stun times being in steps instead of seconds
6. Fixed Enemy scanning showing on the UI instead of on the map and moved it to it's own unit to optimise it, made it so that only missions where Allies are the main enemy have the Allies scan, and added a tooltip
7. Added missile hit and missile down sounds Added hit and down sounds for player and enemy missiles, added ability activate sound
8. Fixed player rockets turning and not playing hit sound, gave all missiles a parent object so standardise their behaviour
9. Added more volume sliders and fixed sliders not starting at their appropriate ratio
10. Fixed the volume variable not saving, it was using the resolution_width variable instead
11. Fixed Havok and Hurricane rockets being off target at certain angles, changed their starting position from x,y+20 to 10 to the left of the Havok, and increased Havok attack speed from .01 to .02, Fixed MMV missiles being all shot at the same time, added an initial delay to them, gave them a cooldown, fixed Hurricane A only recharging TNNP missiles when stopped or without a target
12. XAdded a sound effect for when a player tries to use an ability that cannot work, used the "NO" sound for when a unit cannot move
13. Reduced Longbow missile turn speed from 10 to .5 and made it start in the direction the unit is facing
14. Fixed ship abilities not loading their hotkeys from the options save file
15. Fixed Allies Railgun tower being a player unit causing the game to crash when trying to give it upgrades, having the turret model, not using the order_attack function to attack
16. Units with no max movespeed now cannot be ordered to move
17. Fixed the unit portraits not showing at the bottom of the screen, moved the group number down and aligned with the unit number, limited the unit name to 4 letters
18. Fixed draw_arc on firing angles drawing not enough lines to make an arc if the angle was too close to 0 degrees
19. Fixed enemies shooting missiles at the Mainbase even if it was out of range
20. Added a system message sound effect
21. Optimised the Rebel plasma shot ability to not detect linear collisions every step it is ready to fire, made Orage and Freedom only fire when a player unit is in range, made their the Orage 's shots red instead of blue, made the Freedom's EMP explosion have a transparent warning circle and a solid explosion circle that lasts 20 steps and added different messages for each attack
22. XAdded a new small font and replaced the grid numbers in game with it, increased the height of the in game portrait box buttons and gave them button text instead of written text, the tooltip for the vision mode button now has different text and tooltips depending on the mode it's in
23. Large EMP's now effect missiles, shutting them down
24. Player missiles now use the missile_all object's triggers
25. Added sound effects for the Battlecruiser power states, and added missile down sounds to the sound list so their volume can be changed, actually now made the sound effects for ability OK and ability NO
26. Added a game warning message that shows multiple important points on the map
27. Fixed Praetor's Laser Sniper not having any way to be unlocked, and having Magshield tech listed as the requirement. I think I wanted it to have laser range research as a requirement but never implemented it or replaced the words "magshield tech" with laser tech. Fixed the tooltip including the " "+" " which was part of the code and split it into two paragraphs, fixed it not recognising it was still active after the first shot which made it move instead of just cancelling when right clicked, gave it the proper cursor sprite, and added a range indicator to it
28. The scram ground gun, beam ground gun, Gunbarrow's Rocket Barrage, and the Mortar Fire now fire when you release the left mouse button instead of when you press it to work properly with the draw_mouse_target function
29. Fixed deployed units being able to return to their ship even when offline, and made them use the move command to go back instead of running i's own movement function so they have any speed effects applied

1. Supply cost increased for Reaper from 25 to 28, Aquila from 20 to 24,
2. Moved some of the enemies further away in mission 3 to delay their arrival at the player
3. Added a line to separate the unit type buttons from the nit buttons in the planning room
4. Increased the duration of Large EMP's from 10 seconds to 20
5. Used the system to check for the Alt key getting stuck when tabbing in the Planning room
6. Fixed the laser turret crashing the game when trying to check the playerAI object
7. Fixed the laser turret not showing a supply cost in its tooltip in the Planning room
8. Fixed the third weapon loadout for the mortar cannon not doing anything and replaced it with a suppression field
9. Removed initial sprayer turret, sagitus given to player, and added an extra Valkyrie, Wraith, and Arbiter
10. Fixed Missile turret crashing the game when trying to check the playerAI object by giving it the ambush_trigger function
11. Removed initial scram ground cannon and beam ground cannon given to player
12. Mission 6 now has a planning phase with only buildings and battlecruisers, and moved the starting point further to the center
13. Fixed simulation unit buttons having text going out of the button and XFixed Allies bosses button in the simulation not being blue
14. Fixed mortar cannon not having an icon for when there were none left in the planning room
15. Fixed Remote Missile Silo and Remote Mine not being transparent or showing an ambush symbol, and fixed jammer turret crashing the game when trying to heck for the playerAI object by giving it the ambush_trigger() function and made it inherit the player_unit's draw event
16. Fixed mortar cannon not dying when out of ammo
17. Renamed In Game Background Colour sliders title to BMS Background Colour, and renamed 'Maximum Simultaneous In Game Text Alerts: to Maximum Text Alerts: in the Options menu, pushed the hotkey buttons up in the hotkeys tab, pushed the damage drop and damage text buttons up and the unit move speed button to the right and up, added a box for Physics and Input, moved buttons to fit in either box and replaced the buttons with the old button to be the new button in the Gameplay tab, moved the minimap size slider and max text messages buttons to the right, moved the menu background colour section down, moved the BMS Background Colour, UI Text Background Colour, and Unit Display Name Box Colour sliders down, added the text for Unit Display Name Box Colour on top of the sliders. and moved the box behind the sliders and pushed the start of the BMS colours box and BMS Background Colour section to the right to align with the BMS Ui Design Style box
18. Fixed tooltips going slightly off the right and lower side of the screen
19. Added buttons for the Menu and Vision texts in game and moved the vision type text down
20. Added a gradient for ABMS's menu windows
21. Added a Library section for people
22. Armor types now have their stats centralised instead of hard coded, so the tooltips and their application on units will all be the same. This optimised the way their symbols are drawn on units. Armor tooltips now show the exact stats against each weapon type
23. XUpdated the enemy units shown in the planning stage and removed them showing in non mission modes
24. Added a contact list in Messenger and moved the waves box down, added an image for slizer's portrait earlier in this patch and made the portrait function use it
25. Vision mode no longer needs two units selected to scan, optimised it and fixed the full scan not revealing an enemy and changed it to reveal an enemy for 10 seconds, added a circle and text to show enemy ping distances after the ping has found an enemy, fixed mouse text overlapping
26. The Ship Battle Menu button in the planning stage has been moved to the left and had its text fit in the button, and pushed the planning stage ship buttons to the right and fixed the box extending to the size of how many ships were available to deploy rather than how many buttons there were, removed the ship buttons when no ships are available, fixed the ship battle planning phase having a tiled image by removing the image being applied to that room, fixed battle draft mode crashing the game because it tried to use the make_unit function before the UI had been made (not sure why this is a problem only now), fixed "no placement zones" being used from the optional missions and gave them just the right side of the screen instead, replaced the max ships slider with the draw_number_arrows function, moved the max ships slider to the right and down and decreased the max amount of ships to 11 set the max ships on the slider to the actual amount of max ships, removed the text underneath it, pushed the bottom of the box up and the right side to the left. Extended the width of the cells and the box for the scores, moved it to the left and resized it. Fixed ship reinforcements buttons in battle draft still showing when restarting fixing it crashing the game when going to the mission menu, fixed battle draft not allowing the player to delete their ships, fixed the mouse staying green when leaving ship battles, made the error message for not having a flagship use the error feature of the system message function, and added an error message when no units were placed
27. Added a whole number only feature to sliders
28. Fixed Aircraft Optional Missions leaving the mouse as green when leaving the mission, removed two duplicate buttons that were outside of the screen and some othe runused code, added an error message when no units were placed
29. Added BO missiles to the DeGaulle and made the Urdswan retreat when the ship retreats

1. Added roads to backgrounds 1-10
2. The box behind the upgrade buttons in the Aircraft Lab now uses the draw_box function and pushed the bottom part up. Battlecruiser buttons in the Battlecruiser lab are now portraits instead of the units' models, made the box behind the let boxes taller, made the missiles box the text and buttons in the missile box start further to the left, moved the text and buttons in the missile box to the left, removed the names of missiles being drawn above the missile buttons and shortened the text underneath from "Available" to "AVBL", missile buttons move closer together and given the spr_ability_button_menu outline and they now have their name and description in their tooltip, removed the titles on the ability buttons and renamed the box from "Tech Abilities" to "Equipment" and extended the abilities box and ability text box further down and made the ability text box start further to the right and down, and removed the "buy" button at the bottom right by making battleship_upgrades_shop not a button, moved the "Research Upgrades" button to the right, and made the error messages for the upgrade and ability buttons use the system messages' error feature and gave them a system message to confirm the purchase
3. Moved the top ability buttons in the Mainbase Lab down, changed the box name from "Tech Abilities" to "Equipment" and extended it down, reduced the size of the black box behind the selected ability buttons so that it does not extend further than the ability icon, moved the equipped abilities down and the "Equipped" text to the left, spaced out the ability buttons so that they do not overlap, added a new button under the ability selection buttons to equip and unequip them, replaced the old ability selection button tooltip with the in game tooltip, moved the ability buttons to the left, and extended the upgrades box further
4. Removed the box on the left of the Research Lab and extended the ability box further to the right, and moved the "Research" button to the left
5. Removed the title of missile buttons in the Assembly room and moved them up, moved the Build Missile button to he to right of the missiles box and moved the icon next to it further down, added tooltips to the missile buttons, shifted the missiles box down, moved the missile text to the right, made the unit text fit in the box, and changed the Build Missile starting text from "Build" to "Build Missile"
6. Aircraft, Mainbase, Research, and Assembly rooms now use the error feature and have system messages when confirmed, and fixed the Research Lab's and Missile Building's error for insufficient resources calculating more than it had to, Buy Supplies button purchase message changed from tonnes of supply ordered' to ' orders of supplies requested'', and added a line to show which level the mouse is over in upgrade sliders
7. Fixed Allies unit type button in the Simulation room not showing an image if Bosses were selected, fixed the Rebel Bosses button having he tooltip "Rebels" instead of "Rebel Flagships", and added Allies Bosses
8. Fixed the Return to Mission Briefing button keeping the Start Mission Button, even when leaving the mission
9. Mission supplies now only add supplies to completed missions Mission Supplies are now the difficulty mechanic of the game and have buttons in the Planning room Added a Supplies bar in the Planning room
10. Added a new button image for the Duplicate/New user button in the main menu removed the text from it, and edited the tooltips. Added "Enter Name:" above text entry for new users
11. Armor menu in the planning room moved to the bottom of the screen and turned to the right, and made it only appear when selecting a unit, battlecruiser buttons moved to the bottom of the screen ands edited the box to be only as wide as it needs to be, the planning equipment icons at the top of the screen are now buttons, and fixed the help text using "GN" rather than "SL", and fixed buildings being able to use ambush, prop assist, and beam weapons, and added a planning section to the Library
12. Added an animation to tooltips
13. Moved the planning drawn help text up, removed the box at the bottom of the planning room, moved unit buttons own to show the placement zone ion and make room for a destroyer button maybe, moved the weapon icon under units' names up to align with the weapon text
14. Moved the User account button on the main menu to the right to make it the same distance from the log in button from the ABMS button
15. Mission 1 part 2 now has a wraith instead of the Mainbase, added an arrow to show where to go, fixed the "skip tutorial" button disappearing when you mouse over it
16. Fixed loading and saving icons not showing until loading and saving were done by making saving and loading be done in the game object
17. Fixed tooltips being larger than they should be in menus
18. Fixed the mouse cursor disappearing when right clicking in the Planning room
19. Fixed the end mission fade out in the navigation room showing the mission_log's button sprite when mousing over the return to mission menu button
20. The Next Mission button is now a button that shows buttons to select a mission
21. Fixed the Buy aircraft button, Anti aliasing button, Ship portraits option button, Optional Mission Menu, text exiting the button
22. Added unit tooltips for the Gunbarrow, Wing Guard, Rammer, and Explorator, and automated adding ability names to them in the Planning room, fixed the Triarus tooltip having an extra line break, and fixed buying pathfinders and spear lanzers actually buying Wing guards and something else by updating the get_unit_number function
23. Moved ability buttons, ship image and text in the battlecruiser lab in the library further up and extended the box further down, moved the files further down and gave them a box, fixed the armor section using the names of the shields section
24. Fixed making a new account changing save data?
25. Fixed Urdswan model not showing in mission 4
26. Fixed Mission 1 not registering as won unless missions not registering as won
27. Fixed Navigation having 0 visibility on text
28. Fixed mission 4 giving Reapers and Aquilas to the player and not giving princeps or triarii to the player by fixing the get_unit_number function using he enemy versions instead of the player versions
29. Fixed missions giving the resource amounts from the previous mission

1. Fixed enemy units with a player unit model being green instead of blue
2. Fixed transports in mission 6 not fully leaving the mission, making the mission impossible to win
3. Adjusted the automated size of aircraft models to vary less
4. Enemy abilities will no longer make player units move if they already have a movement order, added the "unit_type" variable from the player_ships unit to Allies and Rebels ships to make all ships be excluded from avoiding attacks
5. Enemy units now have a standardised alternate weapon switching algorithm Enemy Praetor, DeGaulle have AI to change weapons
6. Maps 1-10 now have building names,
7. In game story message box font changed to new menu title font
8. DeGaulle secondary weapon damage decreased from 100 to 60
9. Added weapon lock stats to the unit stats sidebar and removed the lock indicator on the weapon target line
10. Fixed pathfinder and explorator drones not moving
11. Fixed sensor disruption not allowing units to attack by removing their target, and jamming turrets having no effect. Sensor disruption now reduces accuracy to 0
12. Fixed Mainbase not decelerating if its state was attack
13. Increased player heavy missiles' armor from 1 to 5 and all missiles' except the longbow missile health from 1 to 10 and the longbow missile from 10 to 20, and fixed them not having any recorded speed, and fixed them not having evasion by giving them the apply_unit_stats function
14. Fixed the recorded speed of units not including the gamemaker speed variable Increased Longbow missile thrust from 80 to 160 to keep the same acceleration, and added a speed indicator on the missile
15. Fixed player heavy missiles crashing the game if an anti weapon field tried to detect their weapon type because their weapon type was not an array, and fixed the BO, LE, and MGN missiles detonating as soon as they were fired if aimed at an enemy unit instead of a location, fixed MGN field crashing the game when hit because it did not have owner and extra armor variables
16. Targeting now uses the turret speed of the current weapon rather than a constant, and doubled the target_speed variable t make it easier to outrun enemy weapons, movement orders now use the deceleration variable instead of the acceleration to slow down
17. Fixed units decelerating too soon due to the distance calculation using the unmodified move speed, but I had to multiply the braking distance by 2 to make it work. There might be two movement scripts running at the same time.
18. Urdswan third weapon reload decreased from .005 to .002, second weapon accuracy reduced from 40 to 20, damage decreased fro 50 to 40, reload decreased from .01 to .004, fixed fuel tank lasting too long not turning off the speed when turning off the fuel tanks when not moving, and the fuel duration is now drawn on the unit, fixed DeGaulle starting with .04 reload speed and 220 range, reduced DeGaulle and enemy Praetor secondary weapon reload speed from .05 to .04, Urdswan primary weapon damage decreased from 8 to 15, DeGaulle speed from .4 to .44
19. Added text to explain how to cancel orders in the planning screen, added buttons to change Main Base abilities, fixed armour tooltips saying "unavailable" when they were not and not showing it when they should have, added hacking module and Variable magnetic afterburners to the ability list to allow for the Mainbase ability selection in Planning to work, added a button in the Planning room to go back to the mission briefing, made clicking outside of the placment zone not deselect units so the equipment bar does not disappear when you click on it, moved unit buttons to the left
20. Added icons under units to show wen they have their sensors off, are targeted for missiles, or targeted for weapons, and moved the armour type ion to be just below the health bar
21. Fixed removing buildings in the planning room also reducing the amount of ambush units used
22. Added BO, AM and AP missiles as weapon choices for the EMP missile silo, and renamed it to Remote Missile Silo
23. Fixed player units, shields, and other parts of units being visible in BO fields
24. Striker railgun cooldown increased from 10 to 25
25. Hunter now remains invisible while its weapons are reloaded instead of it being when it was moving or stopped
26. Fixed enemies not moving to the unit that hits it when they are stopped and the enemy scanner not triggering
27. Added the menu title font on buttons, warning messages, and game messages
28. Added DPS for weapon in the aircraft lab and extended the boxes further down, pushed unit portraits down, pushed alternate weapon boxes down and extended hem to the right to include all the text an fixed the tooltip not showing when the moue was at the bottom of the box, fixed only buildable units being available for upgrades, added prices for Gunbarrow, Wing Guard, Rammer, Explorator upgrades and abilities, fixed weapon names going outside of the box (tried putting it on two lines, then shortening it), and fixed a Gunbarrow being given to new players since that unit slot used to be EMP mines
29. Fixed the Princeps and Triarus not showing their plans in the Lab menus

1. Fixed EMP missiles crashing the game when hitting enemy flares
2. Rearranged the side buttons in game and edited them to make them more visible when not highlighted
3. Added Scram Gun and Beam Gun to player units
4. Units no longer need to have the ability position variables in them
5. Added a way to know how much extra damage was done to a killed unit and optimised attack function
6. Fixed the simulation room subtracting the weight of aircraft when removing any unit including non-aircraft, leading to negative weights, and fixed deleting buildings crashing the game
7. Added a new font for menu titles
8. Added the art style function to be applied to all units at the start of the game or in the make_unit function, instead of it being run in each unit individually. This fixed the Squall not having an art style applied to it and it crashing the game when it was attacked because it didn't have the name_width variable to draw the damaged animation. Also moved unit model size changes based on health to the art function to make it standard and removed the ability x and y position variables from individual units since they don't need them anymore. All units now inherit name_width so they don't crash the game, fixing images not having the variable.
8. Fixed keyboard options menu from crashing because it was going through one more unit than existed
9. Fixed Rogue mode crashing the game when trying to start combat, and then making that save file crash the game when trying to log into it again, fixed it crashing when trying to make a first save file, and saved it crashing because it was skipping the amount of existing ships when loading
10. Moved unit and building availability to be specific for each game mode. Rogue mode no longer has access to buildings to avoid having them set up in the game and planning set up and to save and load that data, but also because those buildings don't make much sense for the Alliance to use. Ship Battle mode no longer has access to any of the unit or building buttons.
11. Story messages now have the image switched for Allies and Slizer
12. Added deceleration due to drag calculated with speed squared
13. Resources are no longer attained from enemy kills, but the player will now get a budget per mission. Added a research option to get some resources from enemy kills.
14. Added a room for the post mission text instead of having it be over the map
15. Added a return to mission menu button for every room that takes up less space than the old button
16. Added a directory to the library files as a tooltip
17. Removed black transparency that showed up on the edges of units [player units only]
18. Menu title names changed to BMS menu font and made them upper case
19. Buttons and sliders no longer have a depth of -10,000 so they wouldn't go over tooltips.
20. Added a missile down animation and an explosion animation, and redid how missiles work to streamline their behaviour. Added individual messages for missile down and out of fuel. Redid the EMP, Rocket, anti missile, large EMP (made the EMP reduce stun duration by 25% instead of removing it completely for player, like the research tech said). Made player heavy missiles parented to the player_units object so they can be hit. All Missiles will now continue to last location of a lost target if the target dies.
21. Fixed Image units not being able to move, added a destroy image ability on them
22. Fixed the abilities not being purchasable in the battlecruiser lab
23. Added plans and icons for the mortar and sprayer turrets, and icons for the scramgun and beam gun units
24. Added a blue model for the old style of support units since it did not have it
25. Added a unit, building, tech section to the Library and changed the default text shown from "enemies" to "Library", shifted the Shields, Weapons, Armor, and BMS Help buttons to the left to make space for the new buttons, and added a background for the file title text
26. Fixed the SL shield still being called a GN shield in the abilities list (I had changed the name in the Mainbase abilities list, but I don't think that list is used anymore), and fixed grammar mistake from "and does not have it's own power generator" to "and does not have its own power generator"
27. Moved the "ships" title to the right box where the ships are listed and replacede it with the name of the ship, made the boxes for the ship description and missiles longer, made the missiles box extend down more and pushed the Build Missile button down and moved the missile description text so it wouldn't overlap, and moved the missile buttons to the right so they wouldn't overlap with the box title
28. Mission Briefing now only show one line of text at a time, moved the text to the bottom of the screen, changed the username to be whatever the player's name is, added maps with moving zoom, added extra briefing dialogue, added map location symbols, fixed mission 5 using the old mission briefing text, extended the white box behind the room title to fit the new font, added variable message types and made dark gray instead of just being black and saying "MSNGR: Internal"
29. Fixed in game story messages icons overlapping with the name bar

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