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New power plants in retro mode, a new trash management building and a bunch of other improvements!

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The latest build will be live in a bit! It features a bunch of additional features, some QoL improvements, UI fixes and some other things.

In the retromode, there's now an alternate version of the windfarm that can be built in the sea. Similarly, there's now also a wave power plant.

In the retro mode, the research for the centrifugal particle extractor has been replaced with research for the resource separator building. This building is available in the standard mode without research too.




- Click/drag demolition.
- Windpower plant, seabased - Retromode.
- Wavepower plant, seabased - Retromode.
- Recycling centers now return small amounts of metal and sand.
- Separator building, all modes. Researchable in Retromode. Recycles trash and outputs a small amount of all base resources (metal, sand, carbon etc.).
- Goods crates now randomly spawn. If found they grant a reward. Currently missing some UI items displaying what has been found.

- Fixed issue with controls settings always saving on window closing.

- Fix for camera panning reversing when letting go of mousebutton and moving the mouse pointer.

- Fix for laboratory not registering after load.

- Close windows button (marked with x) added.
- Info button (marked with ?) added for each panel in game.
- Camera sensitivy slider reversed in options. Moving it to the right makes the camera floatier.
- Mine and sand extractor descriptions and names added for French, German, Russian and Spanish.
- Fixed some text sizes in russian.
- Fix for campign objectives UI blocking clicks.
- Property tax revenue per conglomerate added into local economy panel.

- Research in retromode fixed to include and exclude buildings specific to mode.
- Research times cut by 10-50%.
- Rich presence expanded.


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