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Improvements and fixes to the AI and AI usage of tech cards

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  • AI builds Kaiju when alone and the player has Kaiju upgrade
  • AI won't build Colonels or Mends from the basic Bot Factory when using the Bot Factory upgrade
  • AI won't use basic fabbers to build advanced economy even when it has upgrades that allow it to


  • Errors and inconsistencies in base game tech cards
    • Advanced Defense Technology
      • Correctly adds the Advanced Torpedo Launcher to the player's unit list
  • Hoarder Commander not being offered upgrades for techs it started with access to
  • Hoarder Commander being offered tech cards for things it already had
  • Minor clash in AI modifications between the Vehicle Factory upgrade and the Leveler upgrade
  • Queller AI support for Single Laser Defense Tower upgrade
  • Planetary Radar Upgrade Tech being offered before you have the Planetary Radar
  • Radar upgrade correctly recognises that Defense Tech Commander no longer starts with Radar
  • Queller Guardians won't build T1 units from T2 factories when encountering T1 factory upgrade tech
  • Typo in Catapult upgrade description
  • Queller enemies from wars prior to v5.6.0 doing nothing after spawning
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